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Schroeder loves Beethoven

Sometimes one doesn’t need a proliferation of parts to make something fun and recognizable as Michael Jasper proves with this clever Peanuts scene. Building small can be tricky, especially when trying to represent characters as iconic as these, but Jasper does an admirable job by employing a variety of clever part combinations.

The Schroeder minifig features his classic striped shirt, and his blonde hair is perfectly coiffed. His beloved tiny piano is a simple but effective little build that pairs nicely with the bust of Beethoven. Snoopy is on hand with his best buddy, the enigmatic Woodstock (represented here with just five parts). The Snoopy build deserves closer inspection with its inspired use of a white saucepan to create the body, and the skeleton legs work great as dog paws. A small but mighty build!

Come to the Dark Side....we have snowball fights.

Here’s something you won’t find in this year’s LEGO Star Wars advent calendar. Nathaniel Stoner recently created a whimsical Christmas ornament of a snowman in carbonite. He took things one step further when he incorporated it in this scene inspired by a Calvin and Hobbes-meets-Star Wars comic strip by Brian Kesinger. “Lil Kylo” makes light of an event his father Han would rather forget, and the results are hilarious.