Build your own horse, Lucky Luke!

What’s even more difficult than creating just the perfect LEGO minifigure for your creation? Crafting the perfect character in a small scale without using minifigures. Well, ok, this build by Marion Weintraut actually uses a lot of minifigure pieces, just not how you’re “supposed” to. The long-running comic strip hero Lucky Luke and his horse Jolly Jumper are wonderfully gangly and full of cartoon whimsy. From the perfectly placed hollow studs for Jolly’s nostrils, to the small slope for Luke’s bandana and the minifigure pirate hook for his cigarette, there are so many techniques to love here.

Lucky Luke + Jolly Jumper

Although, while I’m always a fan of unorthodox techniques, I do detect a slight twitch in my eye at the way the minifigure arms are connected for Jolly’s tail. Let’s both pretend we didn’t see that, and enjoy the rest of this splendid creation.

2 comments on “Build your own horse, Lucky Luke!

  1. Håkan

    I’m not sure on whether that hooked hand is supposed to be a cigarette (40’s-60’s) or a stalk of straw (70’s to today). Shape and color is somewhat ambiguous for either alternative.

  2. Håkan

    Hmmm, apparently the switch to the stalk of straw appeared in 1983, when I look things up, a little later than I had thought. Although it didn’t reach the back cover of the books until 1991.

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