This is what we’ve been training for, folks!

I’ve never been a huge train person. I mean, I like trains and all, and love watching them thunder by, and enjoy building elaborate tracks with my kids for those little wooden magnetic trains, but the LEGO train itch has passed me by completely. Perhaps someday I’ll construct a train if I ever get around to building a large-scale city diorama (after I win the lottery or suddenly come into money, to pay for all the bricks), but not until then. Not so for Josiah Durand, as he demonstrates with this superb military train scene. It’s got everything you could want, from a chunky engine to various types of cars, especially that anti-aircraft gun car, and the landscape is also eye-catching.

Deep State Espionage: Sukhai Mission E2

Unlike with most train dioramas, the tracks are completely brick-built, rather than using the standard track elements. Additionally, the wheels seem to be a combination of wagon wheels, dishes, steering wheels, and other round things, rather than the typical train wheels. The fill-in between the ties and rails is an odd assortment of small, textured dark bluish grey pieces, especially chains and stud shooter triggers (I love seeing those triggers pop up in builds!). The only thing that seems odd is that the ties are grey and the rails brown when usually it is the other way around unless it is such an old track that the wood has greyed and the metal rusted. It’s nothing to get steamed up about, since either way this is still one good looking train display.

Deep State Espionage: [Railway Gun]

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2 comments on “This is what we’ve been training for, folks!

  1. Dean in AZ

    Quote “especially that anti-aircraft gun car” –
    That is most assuredly not an AA gun. Generally referred to as a “railgun” or “railroad gun”, these were generally repurposed naval guns mounted on custom rail car mounts to serve as long range artillery. A certain WWII Axis power featuring a semi-maniacal leader fielded quite a number of these railway guns over the course of that conflict, some quite large.

  2. Jon

    You don’t have to “win the lottery” to rapidly build your brick collection – talk to friends/family/colleagues about your love of LEGO – you never know when you’ll get a huge haul for a sweet price. Also yard sales are key.

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