The Spinning Wheel

It’s hard to find a meaningful way to move on here on our silly little LEGO blog in the face of complex world events. As a former resident of Boston who lived directly on the marathon route, my heart goes out to the city, to all my friends back in Massachusetts, and to the victims and their families — one of whom was an eight-year-old boy. One of the beautiful things we humans do in the face of evil is to refuse to allow it to rule our lives. So, despite the pain and sadness we all must feel, we’re going to move forward today.

During the non-violent campaign for India’s independence, Mohandas Gandhi used the spinning wheel as a symbol of Indian self-sufficiency and resiliency — a positive symbol in the face of evil oppression and cruel violence. Michael Jasper posted this yesterday before the bombings in Boston, but I think it’s a fitting LEGO model to highlight first as we push ahead.

Spinning Wheel

As always, Michael uses LEGO elements in wholly unexpected ways; his spinning wheel includes magnets, bucket handles, robot arms, and Technic chain links.