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The siege of Old Bay was entering the sixth week when the crabs came calling.

Siege weapons are cool and all, but Aidan Hayward adds some much needed flavor by infusing a trebuchet with the great taste of crab. A great meld of system and Hero Factory armor, this crustacean crusher has pincers for pinchin’ when the going gets tough. There are fun construction touches to be found, too, like the minifigure head and bandanna that help give the crab a suitably grumpy expression on either side of the black hot dog eyestalks. The shell-mounted rock-hurler is pretty nice, too, with a heavy looking grey counterweight ready to toss what looks like an enormous pearl (a silver Technic ball) at whoever is unwise enough to stand in the way.


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A demon that’s ready to go clubbing

No, this isn’t a LEGO version of Admiral Ackbar dressed up for Halloween. It’s Ug’thozeth, an enforcer demon by brick builder extraordinaire Bart De Dobbelaer. I love the shaping of the squid-like head, and excellent color choice of pale yellow-green for the barbs protruding from its beak and eyes. Its armor is fierce and sharp, full of picks and points galore. Subtle details like the net piece as chainmail drive home just how well equipped our brute here is. But the most befitting aspect of its kit has got to be the enormous mace it wields with both claws. A symphony of black Technic textures, the club is as intricate as it is deadly – a weapon perfectly-suited for this diabolic ruffian!

Ug'thozeth, the enforcer

This pistol will make you beg for mercy.

I’ve never played Overwatch 2, but I’m willing to bet that no weapon in the game is branded with the LEGO logo. That doesn’t stop this build by Simon Liu from being any less impressive. The numerous angles and the rounded shaping are executed to a precision that would make any future gunsmith envious. My favorite detail is putting the oft-unseen reverse side of the masonry brick to use in a sci-fi build.

Mercy Pistol

Forget Murder Hornets. Here come the Penguins.

I’ll admit I’ve always been a bit of a pessimist. 2020 hasn’t exactly done much to curb that point of view. And maybe I’m just being alarmist. But it sure feels like MSIndustries creating weaponry for penguins is a bad idea. Oh, sure, from a LEGO standpoint this is a great thing. The “Penguin Ice Pistol” is sized perfectly for a flipper, and has great retro sci-fi styling. The “Penguin Communicator” has a great cheese-slope mosaic display and some unusual part usage including Brickheadz glasses and a push bumper. And that pouch of fish may be just a display piece (considering the parts aren’t actually connected) but it’s clever and packed full of protein.

Field Gear

So I’ll try and be optimistic about things. Maybe it’ll be a good thing to welcome our new Penguin Overlords. And if not, well, their weapons are made of LEGO so they’ll be easy to take apart, at least.

The Romans go ballistic

I’ve mentioned before in these pages that I have a background in Roman stuff, particularly language and literature, but also some history and architecture. In fact, I compiled and annotated a Latin reader on Roman military texts for my Master’s degree. So imagine my delight when I saw this functional Roman ballista by Jerac. These things were used all over the Republic and Empire, including Caesar’s siege of Alesia. There’s no gimmickry here; just like the real deal, the force to launch the bolts comes from coiled cords, not the bow. And the whole thing is LEGO, which makes it even cooler. The Technic gear and axle connector don’t look out of place as parts of the mechanical structure, and, in fact, I believe the lip on the bushing catches on the gear to ratchet the tension. Then flip up those rods, and voilà! You have just destroyed a tower. The wooden planks and the soldiery, along with the suggestion of landscaping, are just icing on the cake to dress it up a bit; the real beauty of the build is the technological achievement.

Roman Ballista

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The tools of the trade

Whether you like your role playing games online or dice based, we can all agree on the joys of spending that hard-earned gold on some serious equipment upgrades. Spencer’s shop offers the discerning adventurer a smorgasbord of LEGO swords, shields, and other paraphernalia. The store has it all from your standard spear to the more exotic aftermarket weapons, and for the right price I’m sure that shifty looking dwarf might even supply a black market Mega Bloks Halo sword – but that’s just speculation, and you definitely didn’t hear it from me.


Say hello to my little friend

What a line! Al Pacino delivers that famous line in the role of Tony Montana in the movie Scarface. Spanish builder Omar Ovalle has used the line as the title for his creation, preferring to use Technic figures and their bigger scale over the classic minifigure. Technic figures are capable of increased expression due to their articulations and pose-ability when compared to minifigures. This guy has plenty of attitude, holding his minigun (I’m guessing) and rounds. Is that a minigun? It’s pretty big with a few barrels? Do we have a weapons expert out there to help me?

Omar has also made other vignettes using Technic figures. We blogged his Star Wars Technic figures earlier this year, and I have to highlight my own particular favourite, ‘The Angry Groom’…

Greetings from the angry Groom