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Make some space in your day to check out this space-faring demi-God

I love Aidan Hayward‘s wild creature builds. This latest one is called Astel Naturalborn of the Void, and it’s… Er… Well, what is it? Other than a badass all-powerful cosmic deity, of course. That much is evident from the rings, stars and gas clouds emanating from its body. But otherwise, it could be part-scorpion, part-dragonfly, part-snake, even part-Medusa. We use the world other-worldly a lot when discussing Aidan’s creations (which we do a lot). But nowhere is that description more apt than here!

Astel Naturalborn of the Void

A huge collaboration takes on the Pokémon Ultra Beasts!

I love it when a great LEGO collaboration comes together! A group of friends built the Pokémon Ultra Beasts and the end result is pure gold. Take Aidan Hayward’s Celesteela, for example. This is one of the dangerous UBs, (that’s Ultra Beasts) high energy readings can be detected coming from both of its huge arms.

UB-04 Blaster: Celesteela

Celesteela brought friends. Lots of them!

Fear the Gods worshipped in this Cathedral

Around this time last year, we featured a terrific (if slightly unsettling) creature build from Aidan Hayward (AjRed17). As it turns out, it was the first in a series of awesome beasts all using some common features: mostly grey builds, with spindly limbs and gold-and-brown appendages, using the Gungan shield as the eyepiece. The latest entry, named Cathedral, is the biggest one yet. It seems to have grown out of… well, a cathedral! The way various spires and other elements of Gothic and Neo-Gothic architecture have been woven into its structure is superb. But like the others, my gaze is invariably drawn towards the eye at the ‘entrance’ to the cathedral. It’s almost hypnotic… I’m obsessed! I can’t wait to see more in this vein.


Be wary of wayward lights around marshes and bogs

Stories of Will-o’-the-wisps, like LEGO, can be found all over the world, with many representations in artwork, like this build by AjRed17. Will-o’-the-wisps are often found near or in bogs and marshes, most likely caused by gaseous emissions lighting the dark. The stories they appear in often warn of following such lights and losing one’s way. Maybe they’re ghosts, or maybe just releasing gas sparking in the night. Either way, they’re haunting with their ethereal beauty. The one in this build hangs in the air beside a blooming, curving tree. The tree possesses cool parts usage with pink frogs for the flowers. The scene is tranquil and calming, something I wouldn’t mind having on my desk.


The siege of Old Bay was entering the sixth week when the crabs came calling.

Siege weapons are cool and all, but Aidan Hayward adds some much needed flavor by infusing a trebuchet with the great taste of crab. A great meld of system and Hero Factory armor, this crustacean crusher has pincers for pinchin’ when the going gets tough. There are fun construction touches to be found, too, like the minifigure head and bandanna that help give the crab a suitably grumpy expression on either side of the black hot dog eyestalks. The shell-mounted rock-hurler is pretty nice, too, with a heavy looking grey counterweight ready to toss what looks like an enormous pearl (a silver Technic ball) at whoever is unwise enough to stand in the way.


Does this build inspire the seafood lover in you? Check out what’s going on under the sea in our crab archives.

Judge not lest ye be judged by this alien Arbitrator

It can be argued that the best art is that which invokes an emotional response. This otherworldly LEGO “Arbitrator” by Aidan (AjRed17) certainly does make me feel… Something, but I can’t put my finger on what. Is it the creeps from those spindly arms holding up a balance scale? Is it awe inspired by the clever use of an old gray tyre for the face? Or am I simply hypnotised by the Gungan shield which resembles a solitary eye? I’ll let you be the judge…