A huge collaboration takes on the Pokémon Ultra Beasts!

I love it when a great LEGO collaboration comes together! A group of friends built the Pokémon Ultra Beasts and the end result is pure gold. Take Aidan Hayward’s Celesteela, for example. This is one of the dangerous UBs, (that’s Ultra Beasts) high energy readings can be detected coming from both of its huge arms.

UB-04 Blaster: Celesteela

Benjamin Anderson’s Buzzwole is chock full of bodybuilder attitude. He’s often found flexing in poses that show off his physique; and if I had muscles like that, I’d probably do the same.

UB-02 Absorption: Buzzwole

Petersheikah takes on Guzzlord. His whole mouth cavity glows in the dark, which is pretty cool.

Guzzlord - UB-05 Glutton

Ron Folkers tells us that Katana, which is as thin as paper, is like a sharpened sword, capable of cutting anything.

UB-04 Blade: Kartana

But my personal fave is Xurkitree, built by Care Creations. It sort of reminds of of the Elder Things of Lovecraftian lore.


There’s more Ultra Beasts in the collection, so be sure to click on any of these builders’ links to discover them. And while you’re at it, be sure to check out our Pokémon archives to see more Poké-goodness from talented builders around the globe.