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Dancing with the dark

We’ve featured a number of VB‘s disquieting creations in the past. Their latest, The Anito takes it’s inspiration from the ancestor spirits of Philippine religions. Perched among overgrown idols, this mysterious figure gazes at us with piercing white eyes almost lost in a sea of organic curves capped with bony appendages. Is that a white flute the figure is playing? Is this music we really want to hear?

The Anito

I like the work put into the setting. Those bony elements return in dark tan to form some dead plants, but that’s balanced by a good mix of bright green vegetation. The dark green bits in the foreground include the head of the Norse Midgard Serpent. Mixing mythologies a bit, maybe, but totally worth it for the effect.

As an aside, that idol on the right is uses some big toothed wheels to form the mouth. That’s soooo close to fitting my “Technic Gears for teeth” trope of late. It’s a thing I tell you. A THING. Either that, or all these creepy images are just really starting to get to me.

Baba Yaga and her Chicken-Legged Hut

Captainsmog presents a wonderfully illustrated scene, telling the story of Baba Yaga and her chicken-legged hut. There are many versions of the fairy tale, and like any good story, the details are where the weirdness begins. Is there one Baba Yaga? Three? Why do all of these stories involve cannibalism?

I invite you to look long and hard at this wonderfully constructed witch’s hut and check out the wonderful details.

Chicken-legged hut

Baba Yaga and her house roam the countryside once again!

David Hensel has created an incredible version of Baba Yaga and her walking house. The figure actually startled me last night. I refreshed my screen and she popped up in my face! Not what I was expecting at all. Anyway, I love her and her house. The house would be a great build on its own but being suspended on the spindly chicken legs is even better. A great figure and a great build!

A creature in the dark

Baba Yaga