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Harness the magic in this witch’s tower made of LEGO

Fresh from its appearance at the Christchurch Brick Show in New Zealand earlier this month, this LEGO-made island-bound tower by Nathan Hake is simply astounding! Created over the better part of seven months, this mammoth medieval masterpiece sprawls out over a pair of islands and includes several noteworthy features like a shipwreck, black dragon, stone bridge, abandoned docks, magical portal, and a detailed tower interior. Details like the underside of its overhang and the tendrils of smoke rising out of its chimney stand out brilliantly on the tower. While more experienced builders will marvel at Nathan’s stud reversal on the rocks of the big island halfway up the side. Building at this scale, such techniques can become unwieldy, but it’s handled here quite adeptly.

The Witches Tower

Check out more of the tower’s magic below!

If it acts like a Bellatrix and dresses like a Bellatrix, it is most likely a witch.

Building a LEGO house in Tudor style can be really challenging. Building a LEGO house in weathered Tudor style is even harder. Although you wouldn’t say so after seeing this creation by Jaka Kunpina. They created a medieval building in the famous style and made it look so effortlessly easy. However, there are some smart techniques hidden in this build, like the hinges used to make the top of the roof overlap the building more than the rest of the roof does. And then wedges are used to cover the gap that this creates. Although her home looks lovely, the owner isn’t having a lovely day — she’s being arrested for being a witch. But then again, what do you expect when you dress like Bellatrix Lestrange.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which baby is the fairest of them all

LEGO is not just great for building. It’s also great for storytelling. This is exceptionally well done by Geneva Durand. We are witnessing an evil Queen on her way to kill a newborn who is said to be destined to one day end her reign. It almost sounds biblical with just a touch of Snow White. I guess the evil Queen also sometimes dabbles a bit in magic because her knights appear to be floating down from the village walls without being crushed. It is their task to find the little baby and end it. On that note, can you spot the little infant?


When it comes to magic-users, the kookier the better!

Straight from the mind of LEGO builder MySnailEatsPizza comes this wonderfully witchy character named Isobel. Complete with a pet frog on her shoulder, this sorceress is seen here riding quite the ornate broomstick, complete with white rubber bands for grips and floating magical zamor sphere. Another black rubber band (all of them official LEGO parts, mind you) is used in her satchel. Aside from this excellent parts usage, this construction does a great job of conveying Isobel’s “chaotic good” sensibilities through a slightly cocked head, open and expressive arms, and legs semmingly crossed for both comfort and balance. She looks to be mid-conversation, describing the intricacies of the “mana-flow” and how best to implement its energy. If only I could follow any of what she’s saying….

Isobel, Witch of the Ashen Plains

The story of the house on the chicken leg and the witch on the big broom

Marcin Otreba drew inspiration from the classic folklore tale of Baba Yaga. And he’s not the first one to use this story as an inspiration for a LEGO creation: we’ve featured numerous chicken-legged cottages throughout the years. Marcin’s is special because it’s so tiny yet so packed with details. It’s so small it almost has you wondering if the witch will actually fit into the cottage. The answer is yes, of course! It is a magic cottage, you silly! The arms with pins introduced in the Super Mario LEGO sets are used to create all sorts of odd angles, and the fact that the cottage is asymmetrical makes it even more aesthetically pleasing. But the most hilarious thing about this creation is the fact that Baba Yaga is riding a Belville broom which is far bigger than her house.

Baba Yaga ????

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A broom that zooms

Keep your eyes on the skies this Halloween. You never know when this witch by Dan Ko might dive-bomb you. This tiny build is big on character, with just a few lime green pieces forming a gloriously grumpy witch’s face. Cleaver use of cleavers make the perfect pair of arms. And it’s all suitably suspended in the air with some of Spider-Man’s webbing. (It just occurred to me, I bet Peter Parker can decorate for Halloween in no time flat.)

Halloween Quick Builds: The Witch

Something wicked this way comes...

1:1 scale builds fascinate me and how the builder has used LEGO at this scale to display the subject of the build and furnish with detail. This LEGO build from BrickheXe has certainly cast a spell on me! This builder has constructed a Witches Grimoire, ink, and quill for capturing those last-minute spells and curses.The construction of the book is nicely done, clasped, and bound by making excellent use of a Dots bracelet whilst the front cover is effectively decorated through the use of various Gold pieces to serve as embossed detail on the witches tome and embellished with a mysterious purple stone and complimented with the burning candle for those middle of the night spell castings!

A Witch's Grimoire

There’s some great parts usage in constructing the candle, the hockey stick in clear view works incredibly well for oozing wax and I appreciate the creative ways builders employ unusual parts into their builds! Without using any feather pieces, the construction of the quill perfectly captures the fluffy, feather qualities of this scribes tool complete with accompanying Ink well using all the right parts to finish this collection of ethereal trinkets. Collected together, I can imagine this sat on a Witch or Wizards shelf alongside the Hogwarts Icons!

Witch’s Windship gets an update

To answer Librarian-Bot’s question: Yes, you are not alone. Everyone has at least one set they ogled in the LEGO catalog but never managed to get a hold of. For me it is the Hogwarts Castle (2nd edition) and the Sphinx Secret Surprise. For Librarian-Bot this is the Witch’s Windship. To fill in the gap of missing out on this specific set they recreated it. The model features a brick build dragon which strongly resembles the classic dragon from the 90’s. The witch’s windship has gotten a serious update without losing it’s original charm. Since the dragon is a bit bigger the windship can be a bit bigger too. It still looks like the dragon is able to carry it. It is nice to see the CMF shield with a bat pictured on it used to represent the classic fright knight shield. What set’s do you regret not getting?

Witch's Windship

Fire burn and cauldron bubble

I personally am a minifigure scale builder. I never tend to navigate to building on a different scale. This does not mean that I do not appreciate when other builders do. Markus Rollbühler made an amazing creation on, what I’d guess is, Belville scale. There are quite a few LEGO parts used in an original way. The cauldron is made by turning a big tire inside out. The bubbling effect is created by using the new cake icing and a sausage doubles as a spoon ladle. The big table uses tree trunks as table legs. Simple yet really effective. However, the best design has to be the mumbo jumbo of parts used to create a beautiful white owl. The chima eagle head was used for the head. The Yeti head was used as the body of the bird and the wings were made out of a combination of the fur collar and the large figure pads. Last but not least, have you seen the globe with sausages used in the globe holder?

101 Bricks: Magical Misfortune

Cackle, boil, battle and foil

It’s nice when LEGO creations tell a story. Larsvader’s latest scene does exactly that. Whether you read the narrative he’s provided in the description or not, the story seems clear: a witch planned on having some children over for dinner, but Lady Megan has come to stop her. The story is framed nicely by walls and a floor made of varying shapes and shades of gray bricks.
Lady Megan
Furthermore, there are plenty of supporting details that help enrich the scene and enhance the story. For example, the skeletons imply the witch has killed before. One can only wonder what potions and sorcery are contained in the jars and spell books. The chained up man implies that perhaps this isn’t the first rescue attempt, or maybe he’s Lady Megan’s lover and the true treasure of her quest. What’s next in store for Lady Megan, the man, the children, and the witch?