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In the category of Far East Elegance

With Chinese New Year coming up, it is no surprise that we are seeing a bevy of Asian-inspired LEGO creations from our friends around the globe. BrickheXe presents The Hidden Sakura, and it is for the Far East Elegance challenge over at Brickscalibur. We are greeted by two regal gate lions guarding the round entryway. Beyond that, a bonsai tree promises a tranquil garden visit. Outstanding textures abound in this exquisite scene.

The hidden Sakura

Something wicked this way comes...

1:1 scale builds fascinate me and how the builder has used LEGO at this scale to display the subject of the build and furnish with detail. This LEGO build from BrickheXe has certainly cast a spell on me! This builder has constructed a Witches Grimoire, ink, and quill for capturing those last-minute spells and curses.The construction of the book is nicely done, clasped, and bound by making excellent use of a Dots bracelet whilst the front cover is effectively decorated through the use of various Gold pieces to serve as embossed detail on the witches tome and embellished with a mysterious purple stone and complimented with the burning candle for those middle of the night spell castings!

A Witch's Grimoire

There’s some great parts usage in constructing the candle, the hockey stick in clear view works incredibly well for oozing wax and I appreciate the creative ways builders employ unusual parts into their builds! Without using any feather pieces, the construction of the quill perfectly captures the fluffy, feather qualities of this scribes tool complete with accompanying Ink well using all the right parts to finish this collection of ethereal trinkets. Collected together, I can imagine this sat on a Witch or Wizards shelf alongside the Hogwarts Icons!