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In the category of Far East Elegance

With Chinese New Year coming up, it is no surprise that we are seeing a bevy of Asian-inspired LEGO creations from our friends around the globe. BrickheXe presents The Hidden Sakura, and it is for the Far East Elegance challenge over at Brickscalibur. We are greeted by two regal gate lions guarding the round entryway. Beyond that, a bonsai tree promises a tranquil garden visit. Outstanding textures abound in this exquisite scene.

The hidden Sakura

This interior looks so good it’s hard to believe it’s only LEGO

Architecture and interior design come together wonderfully in this LEGO build from Dad’s Bricks (Joe). Great care is evident in every little aspect of this piece, from the framing of the composition to the design of the background artwork. The inspiration for the build comes from classical and traditional Chinese mansion interiors. This style features nice wooden furniture and an elegant look to the architecture. The build possesses a fluid movement, pulling the eye through to the plant life and nature-focused artwork. The parts selection is so well thought through, upon first glance you might not realize it’s composed of LEGO. One of my favorite details in the build is the inclusion of a teapot and cups on the back table, giving the interior a bit of a lived-in quality.

[LEGO] Classical and traditional mansion interior design

You can take the leftovers home in a BYGGLEK box

Can you spot the LEGO IKEA BYGGLEK box in this creation by lego_nuts? Neither could I until I watched their video on youtube. The storage box is used as the base of this wonderful creation. All lego-nuts had to do was create four walls to hide the box properly. My mind is completely blown. This technique could be used to create mountains without them getting too heavy and parts-consuming. I didn’t know I needed the storage containers, but now I am sure that I do.

I love to see people make creations inspired by Chinese Architecture using LEGO Monkie Kid aesthetics. For one of the buildings in the background curved train rail is used for the rooftop. Which is brilliant if you ask me. The Monkie Kid crew is having Chinese hot pot during their Reunion Dinner to celebrate the Lunar New Year and I would just love to join them in this lovely setting.