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Lounging around with LEGO

We here at TBB are already very familiar with the LEGO interior design work of Victor van den Berg. His latest lounge continues his streak with even more clever parts usage and exceptional use of color and light. I especially enjoy the marble reliefs coming out from either side of the room, as well as the ornate frame found in the window along the back wall. But the best bit has got to be the pair of wall sconces made from minifig energy fists (a part of this weapon pack), properly lit up from behind to look like torches.

The castle lounge

Dinner starts promptly at six. Bring handcuffs.

Sometimes it’s nice to dine in an exquisite setting decked out in a shirt, tie, jacket, nice shoes, and handcuffs. Wait, what? Let me explain. This opulent LEGO dining room was built by Joe (jnj_bricks) for the Iron Builder competition. The seed part this time is golden handcuffs, and Joe used twenty-eight of them here. So it’s not so much a Fifty Shades of Gray thing but more of a Fifty Shades of gold thing. Look at all that gold! I’ve spotted several pairs of handcuffs in the chandelier, the backs of the chairs, and even comprised of the curtain ties. Have I missed any? I particularly enjoy the very three-dimensional portraits along the walls. The older gent I presume is the patriarch of the household and a bit of a grouch who uses the word “indubitably” on occasion. Perhaps that’s a word I should try out at my next formal gathering. More butter, Lino? Indubitably!

An Exquisite Dinning Room

Your tub is prepped. Time to relax!

After a day spent running errands in the rain, this warm LEGO bath built by Isaac W. looks so inviting. I love all the great techniques employed here. The upside-down sloped panel for the sink is wonderful! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that part used in such a perfect way. The design on the cabinet to the right is beautiful, managing to use window inserts without the associated frame thanks to a great connection. And, while it may be simple, the bottle of shampoo is the exact splash of lavender this build needed.

Morning Bath

This interior looks so good it’s hard to believe it’s only LEGO

Architecture and interior design come together wonderfully in this LEGO build from Dad’s Bricks (Joe). Great care is evident in every little aspect of this piece, from the framing of the composition to the design of the background artwork. The inspiration for the build comes from classical and traditional Chinese mansion interiors. This style features nice wooden furniture and an elegant look to the architecture. The build possesses a fluid movement, pulling the eye through to the plant life and nature-focused artwork. The parts selection is so well thought through, upon first glance you might not realize it’s composed of LEGO. One of my favorite details in the build is the inclusion of a teapot and cups on the back table, giving the interior a bit of a lived-in quality.

[LEGO] Classical and traditional mansion interior design

With Thanksgiving officially over, it begins!

Here in the US, the turkey has now been carved, the parade has concluded, and your relatives have sufficiently inquired as to why you still don’t have a girlfriend (I’m focusing on LEGO, obviously!). But that can mean only one thing. The Christmas season is headed right for us! I find it best to ease into the festive spirit, and what better way to do that than with this kitchen scene by Sarah Beyer. The use of lighting here is exquisite, and reminds me of midnight snacks in my parents’ kitchen from years gone by. And the scene feels clean while still remaining interesting, with a bottle of bright green dish detergent next to the sink, the tree set up in the corner, and the table with baking remnants upon it. But don’t forget the gingerbread abode resting on the counter, made with the clever use of some hinge pieces. The only thing that’s missing is some Mannheim Steamroller playing in the background.

Christmas Preparations MOC. Wide view.

The dust in your home is a menace

It’s my experience that LEGO, much like Nature, abhors a vacuum. But this trio of soot sprites by icebat02 are a good reason to still break it out every once in a while. I mean, I can’t believe how smug they all look, lounging about in this beautiful modern living room. Each of them clearly has its own attitude, given the clever choices in eye, arm, and leg placement. And while the motes are quite striking on their own, with poofed-up bodies made of levers and tubes, the scene they inhabit displays some wonderful techniques as well. I find the design of the coffee table, consisting of transparent panes on top of a smattering of green cheese slopes, to be simply outstanding. The verdant artwork on the right wall matches the coffee table nicely, adding a second pop of color. And the lavender flowers throw me right back down to that awesome couch with not a single stud showing! Overall, an excellent example of both character design and color usage.


The most stylish furniture on the block

The designer Rena Dumas apparently applied the same rigour and standards to every project she tackled, from coffee cups through to luxury apartment stores. LEGO builder Deborah Higdon has adopted the same approach in her recreation of two of Dumas’ furniture designs — just take a look at the intricate brickwork involved in these two pieces…

LEGO furniture

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Year: 2020. Location: my bedroom

Stop for a moment and listen. Can you hear the whole world signing with relief as we say goodbye to 2020? There are so many things we want to be different in 2021, but probably it’s not about my bedroom, which I have to stay in since March. Changing the scene now is almost impossible unless you join Jonas Kramm and his fabulous vignettes. Earlier this year, he shared a wonderful collection of interiors, and now one more room joins the company.

08 - Bedroom

As usual, Jonas is at his best when mixing elements from different themes and eras. For instance, an old fence piece from Fabuland is used as a footboard for the bed. The whole build is a wonderful collection of ideas waiting to be borrowed by numerous fan builders.

LEGO room for your LEGO minifigure

Most LEGO fans are constantly upgrading their LEGO spaces. Some fans have a desk, nook, shelf, or corner of their home dedicated to LEGO, and some have whole rooms decked out with all kinds of storage and display furniture. But why shouldn’t our minifigures or “signature figures” (sigfigs) not have these same luxuries? Instagrammer Brickdesigned sets up minifigure-kind with some LEGO room essential mini-builds.

lego room

With these cute mini-builds, we’ve got shelves, tables, mobile storage, and plenty of references to real LEGO products. My favorite reference has to be the storage containers shaped like minifigure heads; Brickdesigned uses the same minifigure heads the containers are based on in his storage build. I also spy with my little eye a few LEGO sets referenced including the architecture line Statue of Liberty as well as the LEGO Ideas ship in a bottle. Brickdesigned really manages to scale down and capture the quintessential LEGO workspace’s essence – a colorful and creative space with all of our favorites.

Let me give you a tour of the house

When I was a kid I fondly remember the Playmobil houses my friends used to own. You couldn’t build anything from them but they were packed with small little details, which I loved! I always wondered if LEGO would ever produce something of that sort. LEGO never did but Jonas Kramm sure did! Let’s get started!

Click here to start a tour…

Living in the lap of luxury in a million dollar home made with 10,000 (digital) LEGO bricks

Builder aukbricks is known to the community for making amazing architectural creations that are rendered with LEGO parts but using only parts that exist and in its corresponding colour as well. Technically that means it is possible to build everything that you see here with real authentic LEGO elements. The cost at which to build it in its entirety with bricks is another thing altogether. It won’t cost you a million dollars for sure, but nevertheless this design is really what a million-dollar home looks like. In fact, I’d say it’s a steal at a million dollars if it really existed anywhere on this planet. There’s more than meets the eye with a beautiful facade but a fully furnished and designed interior that makes this a total standout effort and creation.

Copper Roof Building

Click for a tour of the million-dollar home

Just take apart to make some truly “flat pack” furniture

No, this isn’t a product shot out of an IKEA catalog. This is a LEGO creation by Heikki M. If you’re like me, though, you had to look twice to be sure. The construction may be straight forward, but there are lots of details that really sell this as a human-scale object. The variation on the heights of the candlesticks, the well-chosen seams on the metal shelving, and even the hand-hold of the storage crate match what the eye expects to see. My particular favorite is the potted plant. Those are nested Technic wheels and 3-leaf plants. Recognizing those elements made me realize the smaller-than-actual-size scale of this build, which was a moment of mental adjustment. And let’s not neglect that abstract-art print. Ribbed 1×2 bricks create interesting textures, but still “read” as a flat image thanks to that tiled frame. It’s really clever building all around.


This isn’t the first time we’ve featured amazing miniature architecture from Heikki, and I doubt it’ll be the last.