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Lounging around with LEGO

We here at TBB are already very familiar with the LEGO interior design work of Victor van den Berg. His latest lounge continues his streak with even more clever parts usage and exceptional use of color and light. I especially enjoy the marble reliefs coming out from either side of the room, as well as the ornate frame found in the window along the back wall. But the best bit has got to be the pair of wall sconces made from minifig energy fists (a part of this weapon pack), properly lit up from behind to look like torches.

The castle lounge

Lose yourself in this immersive brick-built workshop

Hasn’t everyone wished for a workshop like Victor van den Berg‘s at some point? I know I have. Unfortunately I still live in a one-bedroom apartment that is becoming rapidly overrun with interlocking plastic bricks. So for now, I’ll have to live vicariously through Victor’s absorbing build. The lighting is super atmospheric, and gives off a vibe of countless quiet evenings spent working on little projects here and there.

The Workshop

Check out all the amazing details in this immersive workshop scene

Naturally, there’s history in this museum

I do love a good museum, and this one is made of LEGO no less! This museum from Victor van den Berg offers more than just history to learn and explore. The first exhibit to draw the eye is the great dinosaur skeleton at the back of the first floor. It’s an impressive model, showing off a lot of cool parts usage. But the fun doesn’t stop there! The excellent parts usage extends to the other exhibits and the architecture of the museum itself. I particularly love the details of the white pieces above the animal exhibit on the left. And check out those windows on the second floor and the ceiling above! If you want to take a closer look at everything here, be sure to check out Victor’s Flickr photo stream for more images of the build–I’ll be doing that myself!

Museum of Natural History Lego MOC

Beware the Ides of March

Okay, so we’re almost exactly on the opposite side of the calendar from the Ides of March, but Julias Caesar is still having a pretty bad October in this LEGO diorama by Victor van den Berg. It’s rare to see a diorama this large that’s set indoors, but this recreation of the Roman Senate is gorgeous from top to bottom, including lovely mosaics on both the top and bottom. Although LEGO has never produced a Roman theme, there are enough key pieces floating around that seem perfect for it, from the Roman Emporer collectible minifigure from Series 9, to the marble scrollwork element and the gladius, and together they bring this scene to life.

Lego MOC The assassination of Julius Ceasar.

A grand ballroom for the elegant entertainer

Victor van den Berg has a penchant for crafting ornate rooms with fantastic flooring. Victor’s latest creation is this ballroom with a stately swagger that makes us feel like dancing. The ivory columns framing the back wall are full of flashy style. The grand piano makes for a perfect centerpiece, with keys built from a combination of regular and jumper plates. And, of course, Victor’s talent for tile makes for a wonderful waltzing venue.

Lego MOC: Moonlight Sonata

Dutch kitchen design from a not yet forgotten time

As a Dutch guy I just had to feature this Dutch LEGO kitchen creation by Victor van den Berg. It reminds me of paintings by Jan Steen, but then tidied up. In the Netherlands, we even have a saying about it. It’s called ‘A household like Jan Steen’s’, which means a really messy household. This however does not apply to Victor’s creation. It looks very sleek and well designed. We can spot a lot of Dutch interior trends from a distant past. Delfts blue tiling, elaborately carved wooden furniture and the tableware on display on wooden shelves throughout the entire house. It makes me reminisce about my sweet grandmother’s home and the smell of freshly baked pies.

The Old Dutch Kitchen Lego MOC

A room built for concocting

No one sets a LEGO scene quite like Victor van den Berg! I mean, check out the old-school laboratory he’s brewed up! Each flask and beaker are carefully placed on the table, drawers overflowing with ingredients, and a wall of shelves loaded with tinctures and concentrates adorn this gorgeous room. Brown arches and pillars carve paths through the dark tan bricks, above a floor tiled to complement the multicolored bottled spread throughout the lab. Add all that to the lived-in touches of the workspace like the armchair in the corner or the cord of wood in a crate next to the wrought iron fireplace, and the space radiates a homey charm.

The Lab Room

But nothing adds warmth to this workspace like Victor’s excellent use of light. From the fireplace, the hanging lanterns, and especially the windows to the rear of the space, light illuminates the build in an uneven and realistic manner. But the focal point has got to be the sunlight pouring in through the skylight. It highlights all the detailed instruments and vials on the central table, best viewed in the photo below. As someone who’s put in a couple of years standing at the lab bench and read a few too many books on the history of science, the equipment here is spot-on for that of the age. Nothing like determining the index of refraction the old-fashioned way!

The Lab Room