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Lounging around with LEGO

We here at TBB are already very familiar with the LEGO interior design work of Victor van den Berg. His latest lounge continues his streak with even more clever parts usage and exceptional use of color and light. I especially enjoy the marble reliefs coming out from either side of the room, as well as the ornate frame found in the window along the back wall. But the best bit has got to be the pair of wall sconces made from minifig energy fists (a part of this weapon pack), properly lit up from behind to look like torches.

The castle lounge

Hey Ma, is it meatloaf night?

In true stylised 50s decor, Aukbricks has brought this living room to life. The grand windows, framed by long curtains, really open this space up without losing any of the warmth. I can almost smell the cookies baking in the adjacent kitchen. The lamp, with its combination of Technic wheel and inset steering wheel is ace — the leg composition and string with stud ends, makes it perfect. A staggered and framed arrangement of printed 1×1 Plates appear behind it, seemingly like an unexpected but good way to use them. I’m also impressed by the billy clubs, used as rounded feet on the sofa. Though the part combinations are superbly placed throughout this build, the overall ambience set in the render process has given it a distinctly 1950s nuclear family feel. All it needs now is a turntable with Buddy Holly set to a comfortable level.

1950s Living Room