Lose yourself in this immersive brick-built workshop

Hasn’t everyone wished for a workshop like Victor van den Berg‘s at some point? I know I have. Unfortunately I still live in a one-bedroom apartment that is becoming rapidly overrun with interlocking plastic bricks. So for now, I’ll have to live vicariously through Victor’s absorbing build. The lighting is super atmospheric, and gives off a vibe of countless quiet evenings spent working on little projects here and there.

The Workshop

Be sure to take in every little detail, as there are loads of great ones! For instance, the engine block used as a table base, or the compass tile for the controls on the radio.

The workshop

But it’s the extension lead (or cord, if you’re American) in the back right-hand corner that really caught my eye. It’s both clever and simple – anti-studs used as sockets, and a whip as a coiled cable – and it looks right at home in this setting.

The Workshop