Let me give you a tour of the house

When I was a kid I fondly remember the Playmobil houses my friends used to own. You couldn’t build anything from them but they were packed with small little details, which I loved! I always wondered if LEGO would ever produce something of that sort. LEGO never did but Jonas Kramm sure did! Let’s get started!

The first room is the kitchen which features all sorts of appliances. The oven, dishwasher, and refrigerator all have functioning doors. Can you spot the mixer, toaster and the coffee pot? Jonas used a lot of jumper plates, panels, and windows to create the cabinets for the kitchen.

01 - Kitchen

From there on we move on to the Bathroom. It’s not really a technique but I love all the clear panels and tiles used for shelving in the bathroom. Also, would you look at that toilet? It has to be the most accurate looking LEGO toilet I’ve ever seen!

02 - Bathroom

The third room is a bedroom, complete with bunk beds, desk, functioning wardrobe, and last but certainly not least the foosball table. He even went as far as to add a light switch right next to the door.

03 - Kids' room

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  1. Jimmy

    These are really nice. I always appreciate these sorts of scenes and even full house mocs.

    I think some of the modular building sets and the tree house come close to this level of detail, don’t they?

    I did a quick count and the bedroom and kitchen each contain conservatively 300 parts, no figs. I wonder if $30-$35 single-room sets would sell? Maybe if you could also get a house shell to put them in, or connect them together to make a home?

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