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The dust in your home is a menace

It’s my experience that LEGO, much like Nature, abhors a vacuum. But this trio of soot sprites by icebat02 are a good reason to still break it out every once in a while. I mean, I can’t believe how smug they all look, lounging about in this beautiful modern living room. Each of them clearly has its own attitude, given the clever choices in eye, arm, and leg placement. And while the motes are quite striking on their own, with poofed-up bodies made of levers and tubes, the scene they inhabit displays some wonderful techniques as well. I find the design of the coffee table, consisting of transparent panes on top of a smattering of green cheese slopes, to be simply outstanding. The verdant artwork on the right wall matches the coffee table nicely, adding a second pop of color. And the lavender flowers throw me right back down to that awesome couch with not a single stud showing! Overall, an excellent example of both character design and color usage.