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Dinner starts promptly at six. Bring handcuffs.

Sometimes it’s nice to dine in an exquisite setting decked out in a shirt, tie, jacket, nice shoes, and handcuffs. Wait, what? Let me explain. This opulent LEGO dining room was built by Joe (jnj_bricks) for the Iron Builder competition. The seed part this time is golden handcuffs, and Joe used twenty-eight of them here. So it’s not so much a Fifty Shades of Gray thing but more of a Fifty Shades of gold thing. Look at all that gold! I’ve spotted several pairs of handcuffs in the chandelier, the backs of the chairs, and even comprised of the curtain ties. Have I missed any? I particularly enjoy the very three-dimensional portraits along the walls. The older gent I presume is the patriarch of the household and a bit of a grouch who uses the word “indubitably” on occasion. Perhaps that’s a word I should try out at my next formal gathering. More butter, Lino? Indubitably!

An Exquisite Dinning Room

Beware this gilded monster of the deep

Everyone in the village knows not to sail too close to the undersea cavern that Apahir calls home…but today they got careless. Joseph Zawada has crafted a kinetic scene of a gilded leviathan making the fishermen pay for trespassing in his realm. Joseph has long been inspired by the gold adorned enemies in the video game Bayonetta, and he used Brickscalibur as a way to finally scratch that itch with a beast of his own. The result is a monster that’s beautiful to behold, but terrifying to see up close.

Apahr, the Gilded Leviathan