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Re-firing up the Ninjago Fire Temple

It’s hard to find someone in the LEGO Community that doesn’t like Ninjago. Even if we don’t follow the entire storyline and history, most of us have bought a few sets even if just for their super cool and useful parts. Jakub Drobny took the 2507 Ninjago Fire Temple set from 2011 and, with newer parts and colors and build techniques made it awesome-er-er. I particularly love the trees and tank treads that create the textured roof tiles. Without the dragon and the inclusion of the waterfall, this creation seems much more serene than the old set of yore but with a name like Fire Temple, we just know some action and drama is sure to erupt soon.

“Ninjago- The Fire Temple”

Mistborn: Scouting Keep Venture

Fantasy books have long given inspiration to LEGO builders like Eli Willsea. This time the source comes one of my personal favorite authors, Brandon Sanderson and his Mistborn trilogy. Eli has perfectly captured the high class ballroom of the Venture mansion, with absolutely gorgeous window frames, and the main protagonist, Vin, skulking about in the mists above. This build was completed within 24 hours for day 5 of RebelLUG’s Vignweek competition. The prompt of the way was to only use the original 7 colors that LEGO bricks were available in. Aside from minifigures, you will only find parts in black, white, light grey, red, blue, yellow, or green within this build.

Mistborn: Scouting Keep Venture

Like a bridge over troubled waters

One thing better than a model by a super-skilled LEGO builder is a model by two super skilled LEGO builders. Joe (jnj_bricks) and Brick Ninja teamed up to create the Temple of the Rising Sun, a moment of battle captured for RebelLUG’s Kingdoms at War II contest. Brick Ninja handled the foreground’s battle scene, fortress, and bridge. Joe created the temple and background landscapes. The cool thing to me is how integrated both builds are. The repeated motifs of circular gold rings, wall textures, vegetation style, and red accents unify the two creations into a seamless whole.

Temple of the Rising Sun

Brick Ninja’s fortress is alive with interesting shapes and creative part usage in the torches. The bridge is elegant and action-packed. And be sure to spend some time zooming in on the background to appreciate the great forced perspective building from Joe. And when you’ve soaked up all you can from this image, go look in our archives for more great temple builds!


It’s a Viking life for me

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been playing so much Valheim for the past few months that you’re going around muttering things like “the bees are happy” in your sleep. So naturally, when I saw this LEGO longhouse by Jake Hansen, I immediately thought of the game. Jake doesn’t mention that this was built with Valheim in mind, but it’s a beautifully simple Norse scene regardless. There are lots of great details but I think the best one here might be the wooden doors with handles made of bucket handles.

Cadet Thrawn outwits his opponents in the metallurgy lab

While many stories and characters passed into so-called “Legends” status when Disney acquired Lucasfilm, some fan-favorites have been incorporated into the new canon, and I can’t think of any character more deserving than Mitth’raw’nuruodo — or Thrawn, as he is more commonly known in Galactic Basic. The Chiss Grand Admiral had a more humble introduction to Imperial life as a cadet at the military academy on Coruscant in the first book of Timothy Zahn‘s new trilogy. In this jam-packed scene by CRCT Productions built as a RebelLUG collaboration, there are so many great details, not the least of which is the light gray angled walkway bordered by the two-color spring-loaded shooter brick.

Metallurgy Lab Trick I A RebelLUG LEGO Collaboration MOC

See more of Thrawn’s early victory after the jump