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Re-firing up the Ninjago Fire Temple

It’s hard to find someone in the LEGO Community that doesn’t like Ninjago. Even if we don’t follow the entire storyline and history, most of us have bought a few sets even if just for their super cool and useful parts. Jakub Drobny took the 2507 Ninjago Fire Temple set from 2011 and, with newer parts and colors and build techniques made it awesome-er-er. I particularly love the trees and tank treads that create the textured roof tiles. Without the dragon and the inclusion of the waterfall, this creation seems much more serene than the old set of yore but with a name like Fire Temple, we just know some action and drama is sure to erupt soon.

“Ninjago- The Fire Temple”

A gnome home for a fantasy biome

If I had to sum up this beautiful gnomish LEGO dwelling by Jakub Drobny in a single word, it would be “wiry.” Everywhere you look in this construction, you’ll find the expert use of bars and clips. This creates intricate little features in the build, like the spindly tree trunks and fine woodwork around the hut’s windows. I particularly like the design of the hanging lantern coming down from one side of the tread-laden roof. The landscape surrounding the abode is an excellent mash-up of curves and slopes in earthen hues and contrasts the tan of the hut’s walls nicely. And don’t forget that adorably ramshackle chimney set askew atop the house. It almost looks as if the structure is being held together with some gnomish magic!

„Gnome’s Hut”

The Ryatan Island

Sometimes LEGO fans manage to use a LEGO part in a more creative way than it was originally intended to be used. The part I am talking about is the raised snake and the builder I am talking about is Jakub Drobny. To me the raised snake never looked like an animal but more like a statue of a snake. LEGO fans all over the world have embraced this part and started using it in white to represent smoke clouds leaving a chimney. The raised snake used for smoke is not the only part used in a clever way. We get keys for door hinges, bowler hats for grassy mountains and shields for tables. What other smartly used parts can you spot?

“The Ryatan Island”