A gnome home for a fantasy biome

If I had to sum up this beautiful gnomish LEGO dwelling by Jakub Drobny in a single word, it would be “wiry.” Everywhere you look in this construction, you’ll find the expert use of bars and clips. This creates intricate little features in the build, like the spindly tree trunks and fine woodwork around the hut’s windows. I particularly like the design of the hanging lantern coming down from one side of the tread-laden roof. The landscape surrounding the abode is an excellent mash-up of curves and slopes in earthen hues and contrasts the tan of the hut’s walls nicely. And don’t forget that adorably ramshackle chimney set askew atop the house. It almost looks as if the structure is being held together with some gnomish magic!

„Gnome’s Hut”

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