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A forbidden love that transcends terrain

Alas and alack! This poor LEGO centaur by Gino Lohse has fallen head-over-hooves for a mermaid. And though his love may never be, this is still one heck of a character build! The shaping of the centaur’s torso is perfect. The expert use of curved slopes with some excellent parts usage for eyebrows, collarbones, and abs really sets this creature apart. But the scenery at this shore provides a perfect atmosphere for unrequited love. A solitary tree with a superb studs-out trunk design sprouts from a crag. And there’s the pile of washed up shells from which our lonesome centaur has pulled a memento. The scene is complete with the thought bubble holding a minifig representation of cryptozoological desire.


Travel under the sea with this LEGO mermaid

This LEGO Ariel from qian yj is full of character and vibrant colors. Right away we’re drawn to the mermaid’s emerald eyes, with a surprising dimensionality. The way that the fish are swimming around the middle of the frame adds motion to the scene, along with the stingray on the bottom. The sea urchin on the bottom right look amazing, and the green seaweed serves as a great background element.


Look at this stuff. Isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete?

If you don’t recognise it, the title is a small excerpt of Part of Your World from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. (It’s also something I’ve never heard an adult fan of LEGO say when describing their collection.) Builder Konoyaro used the Disney movie as an inspiration for this creation and it looks stunning! The best part about this has to absolutely be the vibrant colours. Konoyaro used a lot of parts introduced in the Friends and Elves sets for the coral reef. Look how cute Sebastian and Flounder are on this scale. Small but still very recognisable. The award for best part used goes to the knit caps used as a shell bikini top. And I am really curious to how posable this figure is. It looks like it has joints in all the right places.

The Little Mermaid

Three for Kate

Although it is not something that TBB cares to publicize, there is a dark-side to blogging here. The experience is something akin to winning the lottery; as soon as your name gets put up on the marquee of the big blog, it seems like everyone wants a piece of you. Whether it is old drunken cronies who call in the small hours of the morning, demanding the spotlight for their pointy starfighters or some aftermarket weapons huckster with bags of freebies or something even more sinister. Sometimes, even the sanctuary of home and hearth is not safe from those who seek to curry favor and seek influence over the important choices we brother’s brick make on a daily basis. In this particular case, my 5 year old took a look at what I was blogging and said “Dad, there is a problem with your website…there aren’t any mermaids.” In the face of such overwhelming pressure, I folded like a cheap suit.

First up is Nathaniel (The Architect) and his simply titled Mermaid.


Chris Adams (Lucifer Adams) joins the undersea shenanigans with his Too Lazy To Swim.

Too Lazy To Swim #2

And finally, so that I might restore peace to the Goldman household and get that little micro-manager off my back, Cecilie’s (cecilhf) Little Mermaid.

The Little Mermaid