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Love you to the moon and back!

Tommy Frost has been giving us quite the alphabetical tour of the LEGO theme month known as FebRovery. But, just in time for Valentine’s Day, he’s taken a short detour before the letter M to cover four other letters: LOVE. The heart-shaped rover is adorable, with subtle bits like the black and yellow striping and red wheels paying homage to my Valentine: Classic Space. The space-y textures atop the vehicle, created with various light gray bits and bobs, are a great touch. And the surrounding landscape rounds out the scene well, dappled with light blue moon flowers and pink terrain.

A Rover Built for Two

Here’s an aerial shot better showcasing the rover’s cardial shape. Good luck to Tommy and his copilot Amy as they explore this pink planet together. And I hope you, dear reader, have a spectacular Valentine’s Day!


Out, out brief candle

LEGO love doesn’t always last. This creation by Kit Nugent is proof that sometimes even in LEGOland love ends prematurely. Kit created a massive church. I wouldn’t dare to guess how many bricks high it is. In the middle of the shot we can spot a woman mourning the loss of her lover who perished at the battlefront. Kit used not one, but two types of boats to create details in this creation. It is weird that something as big as a boat can be considered a detail. There is a ‘wooden’ rowing boat hidden in the altar piece. The boat is used to frame a wooden statue, which works perfectly. The other boat is a rubber boat that is used to frame a doorway. Best thing about this shot is the amount of light that appears to come through the enormous window and puts the scene with the lovers in the spotlight.

"Out, Out Brief Candle"

A story of young love and a lovely mosaic floor

We all love LEGO but love is only the subject of fan creations every once and a while. Thank god there have been a lot of LEGO love creations lately. One of them is made by Nathan Smith. We can spot a young squire sitting on a ginormous tree branch, singing a song to the eldest daughter of the king. It must be a serenade, a very catchy love song, or a Taylor Swift cover as the woman in question is looking quite love-smitten back at her admirer. There is an intricate mosaic on the floor which you would almost look over seeing how well the tree branch is made. The balcony with the arches is also very well put together. Placing the arches diagonally in the shot makes it look that much more dynamic. I wonder where their love story might go.

A Love Story, part 1

Over the moon in love!

Oh, to be young and in love and made of LEGO bricks! This colorful creation by Mbricks is the apple of my eye, for sure! The adorable cottage stands out brilliantly against the dark green of its forest background with highlights in brilliant turquoise and pink. The build is brimming with so many curves and soft edges that it almost feels like a warm hug. Layer after layer of pink roof tiles sit atop a gloriously-erected spire. The technique here is quite smart, with expert use of the 2×2 macaroni tile to construct its eaves. I hope the future is bright for this cute couple, but only time will tell how things turn out…

Forbidden Love... [ Morning ]

A forbidden love that transcends terrain

Alas and alack! This poor LEGO centaur by Gino Lohse has fallen head-over-hooves for a mermaid. And though his love may never be, this is still one heck of a character build! The shaping of the centaur’s torso is perfect. The expert use of curved slopes with some excellent parts usage for eyebrows, collarbones, and abs really sets this creature apart. But the scenery at this shore provides a perfect atmosphere for unrequited love. A solitary tree with a superb studs-out trunk design sprouts from a crag. And there’s the pile of washed up shells from which our lonesome centaur has pulled a memento. The scene is complete with the thought bubble holding a minifig representation of cryptozoological desire.


A bit of LEGO love

It’s Valentine’s today, and what better way to celebrate than with a bit of LEGO love, in the form of a an over-eager minifigure Cupid shooting heart tiles at random passersby?

Love In The Park

The custom prints in this model are terrific, from the emotive expressions on the figures to the little hearts tiles. Interestingly, the Fabuland and Rebrick torsos are original.