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Love you to the moon and back!

Tommy Frost has been giving us quite the alphabetical tour of the LEGO theme month known as FebRovery. But, just in time for Valentine’s Day, he’s taken a short detour before the letter M to cover four other letters: LOVE. The heart-shaped rover is adorable, with subtle bits like the black and yellow striping and red wheels paying homage to my Valentine: Classic Space. The space-y textures atop the vehicle, created with various light gray bits and bobs, are a great touch. And the surrounding landscape rounds out the scene well, dappled with light blue moon flowers and pink terrain.

A Rover Built for Two

Here’s an aerial shot better showcasing the rover’s cardial shape. Good luck to Tommy and his copilot Amy as they explore this pink planet together. And I hope you, dear reader, have a spectacular Valentine’s Day!


LEGO 40522 Valentine Lovebirds – Lovey-dovey, except they’re parrots. [Review]

It seems that merch for the holidays shows up earlier and earlier every year. Case in point, LEGO has revealed their Valentine’s Day themed holiday set – LEGO 40522 (Love Birds). We don’t know the price yet, but based on the 286-piece part count and the 2021 Valentine’s set, we’re guessing it’ll be in the $15-20 US range. We’ll find out for sure when on January 1st when this set is officially released! In the meantime, we can take an even earlier look at this offering  and see if the love shines through or not.

UPDATE! These cuties are now available for US $12.99 | CAN $16.99 | UK £11.99 and they’re called “Valentine Lovebirds”. Good to know!

The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick with an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

Click to read the full hands-on review

LEGO 40462 Valentine’s Brown Bear [Review] (Spoiler Warning!)

Valentine’s Day seems like a long way off, but love can happen at any time. LEGO is ready to help you share your emotions with a cute seasonal set, 40462 Valentine’s Brown Bear. This 245 piece set is available now in the UK and is coming soon to North America for  US $14.99 | CAN $19.99 | UK £13.49. It seems pretty straightforward, but this set contains more surprises than you’d think. Read on, but beware: Spoilers ahead!

The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick with an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

Click to read the full hands-on review

Friday Night Fights (Round 36)

Welcome back fight fans, to Sin City Nevada for another round of Friday Night Fights! I told myself I was’t going to get all sappy and do a Valentines Day Fight round …. but awesome MOCs are awesome MOCs, regardless of the occasion… plus I love bots. Let’s go to the tale of the tape:

In the red corner Nathan Proudlove (Proudlove) gives us free hugs with Lovebot:
Lovebot wants a hug.

In the Pink corner, Chris McVeigh (pwerpig) transformers my heart with his Valentron:
Valentron Tranform!

As usual, constant reader, you are tasked with deciding the outcome of this bout by way of comment. On the last edition of Friday Night Fights, the SpaceSHIP spectacular Iomedes blasts off to victory 12 to 5. Tune in next week for another action packed edition of Friday Night Fights!

An Elvish Valentine

It wouldn’t be a holiday without a stop-motion LEGO Lord of the Rings video from BrotherhoodWorkshop. Check out “An Elvish Valentine.”

FriendsBricks wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day as well. [News]

We recently received a press release from the administrators of a new LEGO fan community dedicated to the popular new theme, LEGO Friends. The site is called FriendsBricks.

Happy Valentine's Day!

We are a worldwide community of Friends fans: Our members are AFOLs, TFOLs, Parents, Sisters and Brothers — some seasoned LEGO fans & builders, and some newly discovering the love of building through Friends bricks. Our core purpose is sharing creations, reviews & news. Since the January 1st, 2012 launch of LEGO Friends, Heartlake City life has been inspiring us. Stop by www.FriendsBricks.com and join in the Friendship!

If you are a fan of LEGO Friends you should go check it out!

Happy Valentine’s from TBB

Here’s wishing you a Happy Valentine’s day from us here at The Brothers Brick, featuring this fantastic shadow heart by Ben Pillen.

LEGO: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Bovine Valentine’s

Flickr user crises_crs portrays the new Collectible Minifig Series 6 Minotaur trying to put the mooves on a heifer in this beefed up vignette.

Hello my Dear

Happy Valentine’s Day 2011!

Firas Abu-Jaber wishes his rockin’ girl Ruru a musical Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine

Show your love in the Be My Brickentine contest

With Valentine’s Day approaching, the lovely Miss Klementina Kos has announced a contest for all you guys to express love through bricks. If you can build a creation that’ll win the hearts of a panel of female AFOL judges, you’ll be rewarded with a complete set of series 3 minifigs. You can check out the contest details on Flickr or MOCpages.

Since he’s dead, he can take off his head

Proximity to Valentine’s Day seems appropriate enough for the Halloween/Christmas hybrid that is The Nightmare Before Christmas.

This vignette by Stefan (brainbikerider) featuring Jack Skellington singing beneath the full moon won a recent vignette contest among Austrian LEGO fans.

LEGO Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington

Couple gets engaged in Miniland Las Vegas at LEGOLAND [News]

Troy Cobb worked with the model builders at LEGOLAND California to arrange a special sign on the Eiffel Tower (part of the Miniland Las Vegas display), asking his girlfriend Lacey Williams if she’d marry him.

Troy and Lacey are both LEGO fans who took a special trip to LEGOLAND California to celebrate Valentine’s Day and Lacey’s birthday. Naturally, Lacey said yes, and they plan to have LEGO cake-toppers at their wedding.

Read the full story on coloradoan.com. Thanks to everyone who sent us the link!