Since he’s dead, he can take off his head

Proximity to Valentine’s Day seems appropriate enough for the Halloween/Christmas hybrid that is The Nightmare Before Christmas.

This vignette by Stefan (brainbikerider) featuring Jack Skellington singing beneath the full moon won a recent vignette contest among Austrian LEGO fans.

LEGO Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington

6 comments on “Since he’s dead, he can take off his head

  1. legomason

    Surprised they didn’t use the Indiana Jones whip for the spiral.

    Also that moon does not appear to be stock Lego.

  2. Andrew Post author

    ^ The moon appears to be cut out of the background of the paper on which the vignette was photographed. The little notch in the circle made me think it was brick-built at first, but it’s not. Still cool, though, I think.

  3. Jai

    So, the cut tubing I get… and all the hand pieces, and a Technic pin, with claw-hand hips (Took me a while to recognize it, though)… but what’s serving as the shoulders?

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