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Parting is such sweet sorrow, until we meet again my love

LEGO castles are often grey, or dark grey. When they are a part of Hogwarts, they are mostly tan. Not this castle created by Elias Hübner. This castle is dark tan, combined with warm colours like nougat and some olive green. Which gives this creation an almost mediterranean feel. There is a lovely big tree in the middle of the square and the castle itself is overgrown with lush foliage. It is nice to see one of my favourite new parts, the Minion hair, being used in fan creations. And it gets used quite a lot! There are little sprouts popping out of the ground everywhere you look, which makes the square look a lot less polished and more realistic. Enough about sprouting Minion hair, focus on the lovely couple saying their goodbyes as the man is called to the battlefield. Leaving his loved one behind with noting more than the promise to return to her.

"The course of true love never did run smooth"

Under the moon in love!

Like so many other things, LEGO can look completely different in the light of a full moon. As we follow our darling couple into a second build by Jaap Bijl, we see a great transformation! And not just in the beau, but also in the cottage and surrounding forest. Warm tones have been replaced with icy blue and steel colors. The forest of deep green is now a black mass, thick with leaves made from minifigure flippers. Intricate metalwork has replaced the turquoise detailing, utilizing other minifig accessories most expertly. The weathervane is particularly wonderful, as are the spoons for door handles. And the pink spire is no more, replaced with an equally-astounding purple structure built around a large wheel. And yet, even amid all this change, it’s clear that the love between the duo remains as strong as ever. That smile tells us that she’s prepared to accept him, fleas and all!

Forbidden Love [Night]

Over the moon in love!

Oh, to be young and in love and made of LEGO bricks! This colorful creation by Mbricks is the apple of my eye, for sure! The adorable cottage stands out brilliantly against the dark green of its forest background with highlights in brilliant turquoise and pink. The build is brimming with so many curves and soft edges that it almost feels like a warm hug. Layer after layer of pink roof tiles sit atop a gloriously-erected spire. The technique here is quite smart, with expert use of the 2×2 macaroni tile to construct its eaves. I hope the future is bright for this cute couple, but only time will tell how things turn out…

Forbidden Love... [ Morning ]

So, head or no head?

Guys only want one thing and it’s disgusting. However, in the world of praying mantises, that doesn’t always work out. It’s the lady who gets the head — literally. Expert builder Djokson sets the table for a romantic candlelit dinner, with fancy tablecloth and a glass of wine. Lady mantis appears to have been stood up by her suitor, until her meal is served on a big platter.

Date Night

While this is a fun scene, we have to talk about NPU when we write about Djokson’s many ingenious creations. For example, Lady mantis wears pieces of cloth that can only be from either Scala or Belville — two old LEGO themes full of large dolls. It’s just hard for me to pinpoint which cloth piece is from which. However, the eye sockets of each mantis are the shoes of said dolls, with the good old minifigure arms wedged inside them. Other pieces include the rubbery Krana and Kraata from Bionicle, which Djokson uses in the head and stomach respectively. I also enjoy the use of the fantastical key element from LEGO Elves, which gives the elbows a spindly look.

I guess you could say Djokson’s builds make me… lose my head.