Parting is such sweet sorrow, until we meet again my love

LEGO castles are often grey, or dark grey. When they are a part of Hogwarts, they are mostly tan. Not this castle created by Elias Hübner. This castle is dark tan, combined with warm colours like nougat and some olive green. Which gives this creation an almost mediterranean feel. There is a lovely big tree in the middle of the square and the castle itself is overgrown with lush foliage. It is nice to see one of my favourite new parts, the Minion hair, being used in fan creations. And it gets used quite a lot! There are little sprouts popping out of the ground everywhere you look, which makes the square look a lot less polished and more realistic. Enough about sprouting Minion hair, focus on the lovely couple saying their goodbyes as the man is called to the battlefield. Leaving his loved one behind with noting more than the promise to return to her.

"The course of true love never did run smooth"