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Love is an angel disguised in LEGO

Android, angel, lust… a figure soars on Chima wings, gently carrying their lover across a sea of stars. This evocative scene from Care Creations shows how how much emotion can be constructed out of simple bricks. The composition is incredible. Two grey metal bodies built from System and constraction parts look weightless between those incredible wings above and a finger drawing ripples in the sky below. The one pop of color — a shock of orange braid made from interlaced orange clips — draws the eye to the scene’s subject, an automata conveying a feeling of safety and yearning in the hands of a lover. In the background, an assortment of round tiles on a paper moon add to the tranquility.

Because the Night

With its square composition, the scene could be an album cover, which is appropriate as Care Creations named the work Because the Night, after one of the all-time great love songs.

This divine LEGO build is an angelic delight

I’ve been a little busy recently, but when I saw this LEGO angel from Gauntlet. Out beyond that, the wings really help lift this design, and I appreciate the parts used in the wing construction here. They add a significant amount of detail, and are a worthy inclusion by Jerac. Ready to face any evil, this angel wields a crystal sword and I love seeing transparent pieces being utilised in varied and different ways. What gripped me in this build is how the hood completely hides the face, adding an otherwise haunting undertone to the build, and creating a little mystery in this impressive sculpture.

Angelic Inquisitor

Send me a robot angel right now

Descending from the heavens comes this holy mech, created by Ronin Bricks. The small machine features sharp pointed wings and wields a spear with a circular quarter piece representing its curved blade. The head is formed of a rounded plate with a small tile representing the visor of the robot. The use of bars and clips provides the mech with a fantastic range of articulation. Nozzle pieces have been cleverly used for the feet, providing the mech with the ability to bend its feet. The build comes complete with a stand, perfect for posing this creation in some dramatic aerial poses.

A guardian angel to help you through rough times

Things can look pretty bleak, sometimes. So with that in mind, here is a LEGO guardian angel built by Kristel Whitaker to help you through some tough times. I like the golden staff, flowing wings and her serene expression has such a calming effect. Whatever it is you’re going through right now, allow this angel to see you through it to better times. Remember, this too shall pass.

Guardian and Warrior Angels

The other other Michelangelo

One of my biggest gripes with a certain variety of religious art is the portrayal of angels. I know you’ve seen it, too. Angels are cute: either chubby naked kids or else delicate and fairy-ish. How could a super-human cosmic entity be cute? Aren’t there any sculptures or paintings of muscle-bound ones that could be played by Chris Hemsworth in a movie? Sure, I know, angels don’t have bodies, and thus no muscles, but still. When one of them is called Michael the Archangel, a warrior of God who fights Satan and casts that fallen angel into Hell, one would expect more than a mild mannered, almost dainty face and spindly limbs in any portrayal, at very least. Enter Tino Poutiainen.

Archangel Michael

His LEGO version of the archangel might be made of small plastic elements, but there’s some serious power in that torso. And the arms avoid being spindly, too, due to those tires. And that hair! Everyone knows you fight better with serious flow (and play hockey better, too). Coolest of all, though, is that circle of wings that also holds up the halo. Such an elegant touch! The arrows in the shield make good use of the feather element, though who launched them is a mystery; everyone else seems to be cowering away from this mighty protector.

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Galidor lives!

This build actually has nothing to do with the defunct theme, but you can’t help but notice that Galidor staff in the center. When Cody Avery designed this angelic LEGO character inspired by the renaissance art adorning the tombs of saints, it might not have been intended to be the focal point. But we certainly admire how perfectly it fits. It’s also ironic that something from LEGO’s least “LEGO-like” theme could be used to make something so lovely. It’s a beautiful story of rebirth, with or without the staff.

La Tomba Dell'angelo

A different Galidor-inspired build better explains the history of the theme. We feature loads of creations using similar parts. Also, check out another of Cody’s builds, The Elder Beast.

A flight of digital fantasy

At The Brothers Brick, we tend to like LEGO digital models that adhere to some constraints. In general, the build should be something that would be possible in the real world. Oh, the scale can be huge, the parts gleefully recolored, but it needs to be…possible. But every now and again a creation comes along that breaks the rules in just the right ways. Inspired by a real-world build by Patrick Biggs for a Bionicle contest back in 2007, LEGO artist Marko Petrušić (Cezium) has created a digital re-imagining of Temperance that doesn’t rely on legal LEGO connections or that pesky law of gravity. Dragon heads are layered to form majestic wings, and a gold-toned tire serves as a halo. Yeah, this digital build may not be possible in reality, but that’s how it goes with mystical beings sometimes.


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A digital angel for difficult times

Builder Eero Okkonen returns yet again to The Brothers Brick with another amazing large scale figure. Say hello to the Blue Angel of Hallow – described by Eero in his blog post as “a superdigital being who watches over multimedia connections, protecting people from malignity and sourness.” Truly the sort of guardian we often need in today’s digital world.

The Blue Angel of Hallow

Eero has once again found underutilized parts to create interesting textures and shapes. Insectoid wings bring more than a hint of circuitry, and the use of Space Port solar arrays for the skirts is inspired. The glittery solar panel sticker has an entirely different look when seen from the underside, reminding me of static or high jpeg compression. The blue of the armor and Clikits bracelet halo contrasts well with the magenta highlights and light green Hero Factory swords of her hair.