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This divine LEGO build is an angelic delight

I’ve been a little busy recently, but when I saw this LEGO angel from Gauntlet. Out beyond that, the wings really help lift this design, and I appreciate the parts used in the wing construction here. They add a significant amount of detail, and are a worthy inclusion by Jerac. Ready to face any evil, this angel wields a crystal sword and I love seeing transparent pieces being utilised in varied and different ways. What gripped me in this build is how the hood completely hides the face, adding an otherwise haunting undertone to the build, and creating a little mystery in this impressive sculpture.

Angelic Inquisitor

This LEGO Calvin and Hobbes has all the right moves

Builder grubaluk is hitting all my nostalgia buttons with this wonderful Calvin and Hobbes model. The boy and his tiger are recreated perfectly and filled with life and personality. I am especially fond of the treatment of hair and fur here, from Calvin’s bangs to Hobbes’ ruffled chest fur and whiskers. But the fun doesn’t stop there. This model is motorized using a LEGO Powered Up hub, a few L motors and some clever programming in the Powered Up app. Be sure to check out the video after the break where the builder explains his process and shows how the magic is created.

Calvin and Hobbes remote controlled 1

Read on to check out this model in action

The spineless worm got what he deserved

Most of the time, when a lone warrior faces off against a dragon—well, it doesn’t end so well for the warrior. Not so with this strong and stalwart fellow by Dan Ko, who looks like he got the better of this fell beast without breaking a sweat. This small-scale build has some mighty sweet part usage, from the brow of the dragon’s head made from the front part of a mech torso to the long and twisted spine made from robot arms and teeth. But I think my favorite part has got to be the large beard made from the hair of a Minifig.

When The Smoke Is Going Down

Get ready for a maximum meltdown

As a teacher, I am blessed with the company of large groups of children, happily building with LEGO. But all is not always quiet on the western front. One misplaced brick can cause a meltdown of epic proportions. If you’ve ever been a witness to one of these tantrums, then Eli Willsea‘s latest LEGO build will seem very familiar and might trigger a meltdown of your own! Built for MOC Wars 2020 on Flickr, this scene is perfectly suited for the “I’m melting” category in which it is entered.

Melt Down

I love a model with a story, especially one you can get with one look at the image. This tells a whole story in one frame like any good comic. The construction (or destruction as it were) of the little girl character is masterful. The expression on the face and the arms outstretched in rage tell you everything you need to know about her current mental state. Her angry eyebrows made with guns and with minifigure claws standing in for a furrowed brow is a terrific use of parts. The streaming tears and the simple arch shape for a mouth add to the emotion of the character. The melted body and dress have a great organic feeling to them expressed in curves and round tiles.

The scene is completed with a picket fence, a nicely rendered fire hydrant and a sideways built sidewalk complete with sewer drain that looks about to swallow the girl up as she slowly melts onto the pavement.

Your dreams will be haunted by this surreal phantom bride

This ethereal bride is brought to us by Xavier Viloria and will be sure to haunt your dreams. He was inspired by a trio of artists who work in such diverse mediums such as anime illustration and doll making.

Phantom Bride

Looking like something that popped out of your favorite manga, this Phantom Bride hits all the right notes. The face is wonderfully expressive and the hair is fantastic, using tentacle and tail pieces to create a flow that seems natural. Things start to get really surreal around the chest and shoulders area with window insets and a headless mini-doll surrounded by blackbirds. The chest resolves into an elegant melted look using bars and dishes giving the illusion that the whole figure is floating in the air. The hands emerging from the water below are elegant and well crafted, a true sign of the builder’s talents. Many artists spend years perfecting the drawing and sculpting of hands and these are spot on. The lavender background uses dimensional plants and flowers that are thoughtful and add to the dreamlike quality of the whole piece. Pale and ghostly, this bride will haunt you long after you’ve woken up.

Catch a wave and you’re sitting on top of the world

Miro Dudas takes us on a surfin’ safari with a lovely figural model. After working with this surfer girl since 2015, Dudas has finally achieved the look he wants, proving that even smaller models can benefit from extensive tinkering.

Vintage Hawaiian Surfing

This California girl has a wonderfully fluid pose and the limited color palette consisting of only six colors really highlights the elegant figure. It also contains some fantastic parts usage such as the minifig bandanas for the bikini top and the Battle Droid torsos as shoulders. Her windswept hairdo also features a ninja helmet horn standing in for bangs and brown carrot tops that add some nice additional detail to the coiffure. I’m also very fond of the overall smooth look achieved by showing very few studs.

Dudas says he will soon be offering instructions for this beauty so you too can ride the waves all the way to Surf City.

Disney Collectible Brickfigures officially shown here

Minifigures are all the rage now, but back in the day, if you wanted to infringe upon play with an unobtainable license, you had to build it yourself with small colorful pieces called ‘LEGO bricks’. Sure, they might lack the pizzazz that minifigures have (nothing beats non-bendable knees!), but with the right techniques, they easily become more enjoyable. With that in mind, builder delayice has constructed some cute pairs from our second favorite (after LEGO) big brother company, Disney.

mickey minnie by delayice

goofy pluto by delayice

donald daisy by delayice