If it looks like Galidor and quacks like Galidor....

Gali-what? For the uninitiated, Galidor was a line of quirky buildable action figures released by LEGO back in 2002. Galidor coined and subsequently destroyed the word “glinching,” which was used to refer to the interchangeability of the various body parts. LEGO had great expectations for Galidor and invested a great deal of money in promoting the product, which included a tie-in TV show, video games and promotional McDonald’s Happy Meal toys. Despite LEGO’s efforts, Galidor was a huge commercial failure and has been a running joke in the LEGO fan community every since. Between all the laughter, there has been very little in the way of discussion of what Galidor could have been….until now. Ryan Howerter brings us this great model of Jens, but look closely…


When I first caught a glimpse of Ryan’s model of Jens, Chief Scientist of the Royal Court of Galidor, I thought I was looking at an actual Galidor action figure. Imagine my surprise to discover this was a Galidor figure built with standard, non-Galidor LEGO parts! After comparing Ryan’s versions of Jens with the production version (below), it’s safe to say he did a great job of capturing the look of the original figure.

Ryan’s model of Jens almost makes me wish LEGO would have gone the route of producing brick-built Galidor action figures. If you feel brave enough, you can still buy plenty of the original figures via Amazon or BrickLink, and they’ve developed almost a cult following. Galidor references have even appeared in some recent LEGO sets, such as a minifigure wearing a Galidor shirt and a Galidor poster in Ninjago City.

3 comments on “If it looks like Galidor and quacks like Galidor....

  1. Mitch

    I don’t know if I’d call Galidor a running joke. Sure its definitely out there, but recently theres been a big push from the constraction side of the community to give the Galidor pieces some new life and love. There was a even contest on Eurobricks themed around galidor. Hecc, this excellent MOC was made for that contest.

  2. Mitch

    adding a quick edit, there were two categories for the contest. the first category was to make MOCs using exclusively galidor parts, and the second was for making Galidor-themed MOCs without any galidor pieces. This MOC was made for the second category.

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