Head into space battles aboard the Andromeda

Large spaceships are a flagship of LEGO space creations, where “large” is generally accepted to be 100 studs in length (or honestly any other spatial dimension) — these are called capital ships or SHIPs (Super Huge Investment in Parts). For the past few years, it’s seemed like there might be fewer built throughout the year, because many people rather concentrate their efforts in the annual SHIPtember community challenge in September. So in a way, Lysander Chau‘s Battleship Andromeda is like a Christmas gift in May, and I hope your big spaceship lust is as satisfied as mine.


The spaceship has some nice red and yellow highlights that break up the grey surface. Among these, I especially love what looks to be giant red intakes and a yellow-lined hangar door in the front. The overall shape is not the most original amongst LEGO spaceships, but that is part of its charm. It looks like what one would imagine when they hear the word “SHIP”, and when that is what you are looking for, Lysander’s model just hits the spot.


The builder has also photoshopped the build on a space background, and it just looks gorgeous as a whole.

Space Battleship Andromeda

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  1. Will Vale

    Nice, I haven’t seen many of Leiji Matsumoto’s designs rendered in Lego before!

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