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A kaiju that really makes a splash in the world

Xamura might look monstrous, but never fear. This kaiju creation by Cody Avery is actually a pretty swell fella. Descending down from his home in the stars, he uses his powers to defend cities and provide them water. (We could use his help in California right now.) Xamura’s primarily black color scheme really helps his pieces blend together to create an effective organic look, with just enough visible texture and pops of color to keep it interesting. And we can practically hear the waves as the wall of water from his tail curves around the delightful microscale city at his feet.

Xamura, Star Guardian

Galidor lives!

This build actually has nothing to do with the defunct theme, but you can’t help but notice that Galidor staff in the center. When Cody Avery designed this angelic LEGO character inspired by the renaissance art adorning the tombs of saints, it might not have been intended to be the focal point. But we certainly admire how perfectly it fits. It’s also ironic that something from LEGO’s least “LEGO-like” theme could be used to make something so lovely. It’s a beautiful story of rebirth, with or without the staff.

La Tomba Dell'angelo

A different Galidor-inspired build better explains the history of the theme. We feature loads of creations using similar parts. Also, check out another of Cody’s builds, The Elder Beast.

Elder Beast mode engaged

In other news today The Elder Beast has escaped from a cosmic sea. LEGO builder Cody Avery has illustrated the unspeakable abomination from the cosmic depths and describes it as “…an entity of great strength. Its maw a mass of tendrils like that of an octopus.” He goes on to say; “Remnants of its imprisonment remain.” 2020 has proven to be a tumultuous year and The Elder Beast is added to a long list of cosmic anomalies that has already hit the fan. This is problematic as sources in the know tell us The Elder Beast was not scheduled to be unleashed until mid-July. The astral monstrosity is here to either put a damper on your weekend plans or devour your soul, depending on which news sources you follow.

The Elder Beast