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Centaur Knight Mech takes it to the Nexo level

It looks like when LEGO 7 finds inspiration and the right LEGO bricks, nothing can stop him from delivering awesome creations one after another. A stunning Nexo King is now accompanied by a gorgeous Centaur Knight Mech. This hero consists of a crazy variety of pieces — slopes, modified plates and bricks, tiles of many shapes and types — which both make its body and legs very flexible and awash with tiniest details. Of course, proper lighting of the model during the photo shoot makes the transparent orange pieces glow as if they are full of nexo energy, and this is simply awesome.

Centaur Knight Mech

Winged Centaur

Bristol England’s own MortalSwordsman has a series of models on MOCpages he calls “All Creatures Great and Small” which bear little resemblance to the heartwarming tales of James Herriot’s veterinarian, but are entertaining nonetheless. Joe’s latest, the majestic Winged Centaur, would be right at home on the side of a 70’s van or within the pages of the Monster Manual or perhaps even the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Winged Centaur