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A forbidden love that transcends terrain

Alas and alack! This poor LEGO centaur by Gino Lohse has fallen head-over-hooves for a mermaid. And though his love may never be, this is still one heck of a character build! The shaping of the centaur’s torso is perfect. The expert use of curved slopes with some excellent parts usage for eyebrows, collarbones, and abs really sets this creature apart. But the scenery at this shore provides a perfect atmosphere for unrequited love. A solitary tree with a superb studs-out trunk design sprouts from a crag. And there’s the pile of washed up shells from which our lonesome centaur has pulled a memento. The scene is complete with the thought bubble holding a minifig representation of cryptozoological desire.


LEGO Ninjago 71772: The Crystal King – Crystal Pink Persuasion [Review]

Are you excited for the Ninjago Crystalized theme? We’ve been working our way through the full summer 2022 wave , and today’s review is all about Ninjago 71772 The Crystal King. This 772 piece set is available now in the UK and August 1st worldwide from the LEGO Shop Online for US $69.99 | CAN $89.99 | UK £54.99. Five minifigures join a very unusual Centaur-mech in this villain-heavy adventure. Do you need more bad guys in your life? Keep reading and see if you’re tempted!

The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick with an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

Evil lurks within

Six new LEGO Harry Potter sets revealed for summer 2020 with centaurs, Hogwarts expansion, buildable Hedwig and more [News]

LEGO has revealed six Harry Potter sets coming this summer, expanding the Wizarding World with new minifigures and scenes from multiple films. Hogwarts-based sets include the Astronomy Tower, the Room of Requirement (with new Patronus figures), and the Forbidden Forest: Umbridge’s Encounter (with new LEGO centaurs). The other three sets include Attack on The Burrow, 4 Privet Drive and a brick-built mechanical Hedwig.

These six new LEGO Harry Potter sets will become available on August 1st in the US and two months earlier in other select regions starting on June 1st (though LEGO will be offering pre-orders starting April 30th in some regions). In the US, the Burrow will be a Target exclusive and the brick-built Hedwig will be a Barnes and Noble exclusive–both likely to be available eventually from LEGO as well.

Take a closer look at each of the new LEGO Harry Potter sets coming for summer 2020.

Not your typical centaur

Centaurs are typically depicted as fierce but loyal warriors. This take on the mythical creature by Dr. Zarkow is most certainly fierce! Aside from the frightening helmet and the string of heads hanging from his armor, the size of the beast is truly intimidating. To add to the other-worldly feeling, check out the dragonfly in the foreground. The crocodile top jaws emerging from the water are a nice touch. And speaking of water, it blends in perfectly with the background.

Centaur in the swamp

This alternate, “minifig-eye-view” shows just how imposing the centaur really is!

Centaur in the swamp

Centaur Knight Mech takes it to the Nexo level

It looks like when LEGO 7 finds inspiration and the right LEGO bricks, nothing can stop him from delivering awesome creations one after another. A stunning Nexo King is now accompanied by a gorgeous Centaur Knight Mech. This hero consists of a crazy variety of pieces — slopes, modified plates and bricks, tiles of many shapes and types — which both make its body and legs very flexible and awash with tiniest details. Of course, proper lighting of the model during the photo shoot makes the transparent orange pieces glow as if they are full of nexo energy, and this is simply awesome.

Centaur Knight Mech

Winged Centaur

Bristol England’s own MortalSwordsman has a series of models on MOCpages he calls “All Creatures Great and Small” which bear little resemblance to the heartwarming tales of James Herriot’s veterinarian, but are entertaining nonetheless. Joe’s latest, the majestic Winged Centaur, would be right at home on the side of a 70’s van or within the pages of the Monster Manual or perhaps even the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Winged Centaur