A towering mech made out of towers

Inspired by Nexo Knights, LEGO 7 has built a mech worthy of a king. Now, there are official sets out there that explore the concepts of a mechanized fortress or the king’s personal battle mech, but LEGO 7 not only blows those two out of the water, but he also combines the two into a towering sight to deter any invaders, demonic or otherwise.

King's Battle Axe

The astonishing photography, including the clean view basically without reflections, the slightly upward angle and a colour gradient complimenting said angle present the build at a whole new level. The build uses some bricks one would never expect to see together in a single creation, like the large castle building piece as the cockpit in the middle and constraction armour pieces as leg armour. My favourite part besides the photography is the axe the mech is named after. The translucent part and the electricity look so dynamic, and I can almost hear the FZZZZTT!! coming from it!