Three for Kate

Although it is not something that TBB cares to publicize, there is a dark-side to blogging here. The experience is something akin to winning the lottery; as soon as your name gets put up on the marquee of the big blog, it seems like everyone wants a piece of you. Whether it is old drunken cronies who call in the small hours of the morning, demanding the spotlight for their pointy starfighters or some aftermarket weapons huckster with bags of freebies or something even more sinister. Sometimes, even the sanctuary of home and hearth is not safe from those who seek to curry favor and seek influence over the important choices we brother’s brick make on a daily basis. In this particular case, my 5 year old took a look at what I was blogging and said “Dad, there is a problem with your website…there aren’t any mermaids.” In the face of such overwhelming pressure, I folded like a cheap suit.

First up is Nathaniel (The Architect) and his simply titled Mermaid.


Chris Adams (Lucifer Adams) joins the undersea shenanigans with his Too Lazy To Swim.

Too Lazy To Swim #2

And finally, so that I might restore peace to the Goldman household and get that little micro-manager off my back, Cecilie’s (cecilhf) Little Mermaid.

The Little Mermaid

2 comments on “Three for Kate

  1. Jargon

    Thank you for addressing this crucial issue. The Brothers Brick is and will continue to be a stronger place for it. We of the LEGO Mermaid Appreciation community salute you, sir.

  2. eilonwy77

    My 6-yr old daughter will also approve. I will have to go and find her immediately. Although, knowing her, only mermaid #3 will really make her happy. The other two are…. not quite innocent (?) enough for her.

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