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“This Captain America mosaic is super, soldier.”

It makes sense that when LEGO launched their new Art theme, they’d start their Marvel offerings off with Iron Man, the hero who gave birth to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At least, he birthed it from a movie release date perspective. But Steven Wayne Howard hasn’t forgotten that the real first Avenger was Captain America. This tribute to Steve Rogers was created by fusing the pieces from Iron Man and Sith mosaics (with a handful of extra 1×1 red plates thrown in). So, it should be no problem to recreate yourself if you have both of those sets on hand. And if you’re looking for a great spot to hang it, I suggest the wall on your left.

Captain America Mosaic

Yngwie Malmsteen arpeggios your face off far beyond the sun

With LEGO coming out with the official Fender Stratocaster set it was only going to be a matter of time before someone becomes inspired to build guitar legends who play the Strat. It has happened and that builder is Steven Wayne Howard and the guitar legend he has built is none other than Yngwie Malmsteen. This guitarist is so legendary that throughout the 80’s I thought his middle name was Freakin’ or some variation thereof. One of the builder’s absolute favorite performances of his was from the live show in Leningrad in 1989. He has rendered Yngwie’s resemblance nicely; his heavy metal hairdo comprises mostly tree sprigs in brown, the ruffles of his shirt use the solar deltoid part. Even his pants appear to be leather thanks to some rendering trickery and lighting. Steven tells us this creation is 2,642 pieces and is 30 inches tall.


This shot offers a close-up view of his face and those aforementioned LEGO solar panel pieces nicely mimicking a ruffled effect.


You LEGO purists may want to cover your tender ears because it’s about to get cray-cray up in here. Steven tells us that this was created digitally using Bricklink Studio, Mecabricks, Cinema4D, Octane, Greyscalegorilla, and Photoshop on a Puget Systems computer. Now that’s freakin’ metal!

Beelzebub says never mind the bollocks

What happens when you’re a demon from Hades but still love Dead Kennedys, The Buzzcocks, and The Sex Pistols? Well, that makes you a punk rock devil and that is precisely what Steven Wayne Howard has built with LEGO. The eyes are eyeball-printed minifigure heads situated within space helmets and are bricked upsidedown. It makes for some great expressions! This builder has dazzled us before with some neat build techniques including one recently. Check out what I mean in our archives.

Punk Rock Devil