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A LEGO character creation with explosive potential

Ever since a History of Science class my freshman year of college, I’ve read so many books on the history and discovery of radiation. But nowhere in those pages covering everything from the Curies to Chernobyl did I ever come across a scientist like the one depicted in this LEGO bust by Steven Wayne Howard. With the clever implementation of the Ninjago Spinjitzu canopy, we’re able to see all the nuclear reactors sticking out of this mad scientist’s cranium. An array of creature wings make up his wild facial hair, and his sinister visage is driven home with that skeletal bowtie. And the whole thing sits on a plinth that is, quite frankly, the bomb. The whole thing is downright maniacal, and gives me the chills!

The Nuclear Madman

It’s not the End of the World...

…but it’s getting close. Tobias Buckdahn (Brickbucki) built this awesome radioactive danger sign. I love the explosion in the center…it just draws the eye inward as you melt away from the blast.


I’m also using it to let you know that reports of the death of our weekend DJ, The Indomitable Keith Goldman, are slightly exaggerated. He is down with a virulent space bug contracted while base-jumping on Sibelius 5. He is currently quarantined in orbit but hopefully will be able to return to earth in time for Friday Night Fights next weekend.