Plan your day the dwarven way

Ever wonder what your a day looks like for your average dwarf? Well, builder Ids de Jong provides the answer in this great LEGO scene. First off, dwarven hygiene is of the utmost importance, so we have a pair scrubbing off all the dirt from the mines in a subterranean river. The minifigure torso choices here are excellent, showing their bottom halves submerged below the trans-blue water. The droid-arm ladder next to the bathing pair is a classic choice, and feels right at home in this scene. I absolutely love the pillar right next to it, with its center turned 45 degrees creating an interesting look.

Everyday life of a dwarf

Next up, every dwarf needs to pull a shift on guard duty. And what a magnificent gate these dwarves have to guard! The dark red pops excellently with the light gray surrounding it. And I adore the clever use of the anti-stud (the underside of a plate) to give the wall some unique texture. Only dwarves would be capable of such superb stonecutting! I should also say that the sculptures on either side of the doorway are a tremendous addition.

Everyday life of a dwarf - Gate

Finally, no dwarf can go 24 hours without running into some nasty goblins. And we can see a squad going to battle with their sworn foes on the bridge above this scene. There’s some great character design showcased here, along with a continuation of the well-built walls. These dwarves are very reliant on the use of 45 degree angles in their archways, seen here in the shape of the stained glass window behind the impending row. I love the overall aesthetic produced by that common thread throughout the build. It helps to connect all these smaller vignettes in a single cohesive story not necessarily told by the minifigures alone.

Everyday life of a dwarf - Goblin slaying