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Quite the capricious Capreolus capreolus

Oh deer! I absolutely adore this latest LEGO construction by builder Stefan Johansson, from the top of the antlers down to its cheese-sloped hooves. The shaping is excellent, as are the textures created by the use of various tiles along the neck and haunches. Working in dark orange can be difficult, but Stefan navigates the part limitations with ease. And no place is this better emphasized than the head of this beast. The ears and antlers are in perfect proportion to the rest of the head, and the contrast with the tan coloration around the eyes and chin is excellent. Add on the nice bit of flora that our woodland creature is placed in, and this is a terrifically well-balanced creation.

Roe deer

“Elf on the Hunt” by a raging waterfall in this lush build

Paul Rizzi‘s latest LEGO creation is a lush build, focusing on a lone elf hunting a stag in the forest. The bulk of the works appears to be have put in the textured cliffs and the translucent waterfall; I especially appreciate the implied motion of the water as it rolls over the rocks on the bottom. The trees use different shades of green to add some dimensionality, and we have a mixture of brown and white bases to change things up.

Elf on the Hunt

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Just some light reading

Alex’s latest LEGO creation is nightmare fuel and not only because it looks scary. This reminds me very much of the series Hannibal. In the show, a stag man-creature appears to the main character. It is a reference to the Wendigo. A Wendigo is a mythological creature or evil which originates from the folklore of the First Nation. It is often said to be a malevolent spirit which possesses human beings and invokes feelings of insatiable hunger. Is has a desire to cannibalize other humans. I am not sure what Alex’s inspiration for this creation was, but this is what it invokes for me. So as if that is not nightmare fuel enough I felt it necessary to look up some of the parts for you. With Bionicle and Hero Factory not being my field of expertise, it took quite a while. The head itself is a true work of art using only two pieces. The Hero Factory Witch Doctor was used for the lower part of the face. The top part was realized using the Bionicle Mask Iden. One of the best things about this creation is the small peekaboo the ribs give you. You can see the internal organs right through them. I love how even a touch of pink can’t make this thing look cute.

The Cursed

Stag in a birch forest

It might be just me but this LEGO creation by John Snyder is giving me serious ‘Shadow and Bone’ vibes. Okay, I confess I just binged the series yesterday and this might actually have nothing in common with the show except for the white stag. John limited himself to using only 101 parts for this build, which sounds like an enormous challenge. Even though the stag is white it blends in perfectly with the white birch trees. The trees use a similar building technique as we’ve seen in the Birch Books modular. This is quite a small creation but using a reflective surface as base gives it the illusion of being quite a lot bigger.

White Stag

The woodland knight oversees all

Prolific LEGO builders scatter our desktops with inspiration constantly, showing us more with each coming build. Miro Dudas has been doing such for me for quite a while, with his Woodland Creatures Collection. His newest accomplishment, simply titled Buck, brings another to said collection, leaving me wanting this on my shelf too. The regal stag is such a strong animal, in muscle and stance as the king of the forest.


Dudas’ rendition, though heavily inspired by Joe Perez’s impressive Stag from earlier this year, stands on its own accord. The reddish brown coat with tufts of white are nice adjustments to his inspiration but it’s those antlers, made predominantly from small bony appendages and mechanical arms, that bring this build into a realistic zone. I don’t know about anyone else but when I first saw this, I instantly wanted to see two of them standing off with horns locked..

If you’re more sci-fi inclined, maybe check out Miro Dudas’ fury little Wicket..

The White Stag of Portland welcomes hipsters and tourists alike

In the city of Portland, Oregon there’s a giant neon sign of a stag jumping over an outline of the state. The historic landmark currently reads, “Portland Oregon” through the middle. It has had a few variations over the years, including, “Made in Oregon.” But one thing always remains the same: that white stag. The sign holds a special place in the hearts of many Oregonians, including mine, and Patrick Biggs’. He’s another builder we’ve featured several times, and the creator of this LEGO version of the iconic Portland stag. Usually Patrick builds posable figures and critters of fiction. This time he went for something a little different to display at the BricksCascade 2018 convention this weekend.

The White Stag

The body of this animal is beautifully shaped, and the white is clean and regal. Also, it can stand alone just as easily as with the full display stand. You don’t even need the backstory to appreciate it! Altogether, it’s one tribute to be proud of.

Welcome to Portland