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An inventor with his head in the clouds

Okay Yaramanoglu turns the idea of a floating island upside down with this Inventor’s House in the sky. Constructed on an inverted raised baseplate, this house has an eclectic mix of visible gears and propellors that call to mind LEGO’s old Time Cruiser’s theme. Inside the home is a variety of gadgets and gizmos, work spaces and living quarters. There’s even a basement inside the baseplate. It’s a high-altitude home with attitude.

The Inventor's House

A sky-high scientist’s sanctuary.

Look up into the sky and you might spot a man looking even further up into the sky. Herschel’s Observatory by Ayrlego is an academic’s retreat floating aloft in the clouds. It’s the perfect vantage point for stargazing. Ayrlego has done some really impressive building here. The texture of the roof is sublime. And I love the way the cobblestone gives way to vegetation, which in turn gives way to the stone that keeps them up in the sky. I’d love to see what kind of aircraft soars up to that dock.

Herschel's Observatory

An inventor whose mind wanders the skies

In the steampunk-esque LEGO world of Wandering Skies, floating rocks make up the land… sorry, sky-scape. And Okay Yaramanoglu shows us how one inventor makes a home amid the levitating boulders. I adore the cartoon quality of Okay’s creation here. The tudor-inspired walls of the inventor’s abode contrast well with the golden shades of its roof. And the green highlights from the surrounding vegetation and window shutters add brilliant pops of color against the blue background of the sky. There is some fantastic parts usage throughout, including the cloud sculpting using 1×1 curved slopes and all the mechanical contraptions coming out of the building’s roof. But the best by far is the rock on which this “church” is built. The large rocky baseplate and craggy wheel from Nexo Knights for the two islands fit perfectly into this scene.

The Inventor's House