Cumulonimbus dead ahead! The “unsinkable” Skytantic

One of the most gorgeous airships to grace the skies has finally emerged from the distant clouds. This is the long-awaited Skytanic, built by Markus Ronge and alluded to in his equally epic-looking Maersk Pier, featured on The Brothers Brick last week. In Markus’ steampunk universe, the airship’s massive size was made possible thanks in part to the ultra-light steel used in its construction. When it comes to the characters involved in the ship’s construction, Markus once again gives them clever names. Hiram Lever is the designer behind Skytanic, which is in turn piloted by Captain Ulysses Wheeler.

Royal Yacht "Skytanic"

From bow to stern, Skytantic looks phenomenal. The red, black and white hull is reminiscent of the ill-fated Titanic, while the gold trim helps give the finished model that steampunk vibe. According to Markus, the ship stands a whopping five stories tall, and each level looks distinct. The top level features a lively looking bar, and the royal cabin is directly below that. If you look carefully enough, you will also find what appears to be a tribute to the Jack and Rose “flying” scene from James Cameron’s hit film, Titanic (1997).

Royal Yacht "Skytanic"

Even with the sails are lowered, I’m sure the Skytanic still cuts through the wind with incredible speed. Whether you are on the deck or inside the ship, it looks like there are plenty of excellent viewing areas.

Royal Yacht "Skytanic"

I really enjoy the way the gold bricks flow upward to form the figurehead on Skytanic’s bow. If you are wondering what those little round windows are, they’re made from the panel 4x3x3 with porthole┬áthat first appeared in the 1997 Divers theme. Had I been working on a steampunk build, I don’t know if I would have ever thought to use them. Here, these pieces add to Skytanic’s overall character. From this angle, side-mounted propellers look pretty imposing.

Royal Yacht "Skytanic"

If you look at the previous pictures, you will notice a little boat named the FSS Sparrow. In Markus’ story, the Sparrow ferried these passengers from Maersk Pier to the Skytanic. When docked alongside Skytanic, I imagine it also doubles as a lifeboat. By itself, it’s certainly inadequate for the number of passengers on board, and given the homage to Titanic, I have a feeling this might not end well… What will happen next? Stay tuned, because Markus has more steampunk builds on the horizon!

Be sure to check out Markus’ incredible Steampunk Maersk Pier that accompanies this huge ship.

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  1. Michael Wolf

    I was actually just look at some of Marcus’s builds last week. He’s definitely being inspired building in this theme and it’s a real pleasure to peruse.

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