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Small first step for man

Space is not my theme. There I’ve said it. But this little LEGO space build by Dan Ko is so cute that I can not not write about it. The LEGO baby got released in 2016 and redesigned in 2017. The little baby is displayed in the center of this lovely build but it is not the highlight of this creation for me. The use of the Vidiyo handle strapV is what sets this creation apart in my honest opinion. Sure the use of the toy winder key as treads is quite ingenious. I am, however, always amazed when a builder manages to use a LEGO part that is not directly compatible with the system bricks. It goes along great with the 6×6 dish with handlebars to create a round cabin for the little space rover. Making the cabin almost completely see-through sounds like an amazing plan when you want to discover your surroundings.

First Steps

To Infinity and Beyond

Daedalus Zero G Drop Suit

For a long time now, I wanted to do something with the Galidor head I had. My idea was to build a mecha or hardsuit around it. The result: Daedalus Zero G Drop Suit. As it was taking shape, it started feeling like a version of a Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger. It features the domed helmet, retractable wings and jetpack, big res chest button, communicator on the right gauntlet and a laser on the left gauntlet.

Daedalus Zero G Drop Suit