LEGO VIDIYO sets are officially revealed [News]

Today, LEGO announced the first wave of brand new VIDIYO sets. The new press release gives more details about what we learned from the initial announcement, as well as introduced new types of products. The new LEGO VIDIYO is all about three things: BeatBoxes, Bandmates, and BeatBits. The first wave, which is slated for March 1, will include six unique portable BeatBoxes that each hold a minifigure representing a specific music genre. The colorful tiles included in each BeatBox, are called BeatBits; you’ll find two special BeatBits and 14 random BeatBits in each BeatBox. Besides the six BeatBoxes, the series will include 12 Bandmates to collect.

Unlike the BeatBoxes, the smaller Bandmates are Mystery-Box collectibles, each containing one minifigure and three BeatBits — a special one and two random ones. LEGO VIDIYO products will be available from March 1. BeatBoxes are priced at 19.99 EUR/USD with the Collectible Bandmates priced at 4.99 EUR/USD.

43101 Bandmates – Series 1 | US $4.99 | EUR 4.99

43102 Candy Mermaid BeatBox | US $19.99 | EUR 19.99

43103 Punk Pirate Beatbox | US $19.99 | EUR 19.99

43104 Alien DJ BeatBox | US $19.99 | EUR 19.99

43105 Party Llama BeatBox | US $19.99 | EUR 19.99

43106 Unicorn DJ BeatBox | US $19.99 | EUR 19.99

43107 HipHop Robot BeatBox | US $19.99 | EUR 19.99

The new sets will work with a brand new smart app that is already available. Here are detailed instructions from the press release on how to bring your LEGO VIDIYO to life:

Download the app – The LEGO VIDIYO app works with and without the physical VIDIYO parts – a free demo rotation of minifigures, songs and BeatBits is provided as part of the app experience.

Select a song – From the wide array of regularly updated tracks across all sorts of music genres – powered by Universal Music Group.

Scan your BeatBits and minifigures – You can load in all of your characters so that you can create a band of three and two stage performers using the different characters you have obtained. Once scanned, select your characters and customise their appearance, band name and ‘album covers’.

Time to create! Choose your characters for the 60-second performance and your line-up of BeatBits, which are each colour coded: Black for visual effects, Pink for costumes, Aqua for sound effects, Orange for comedic effects, Yellow for dance moves and Green to change scenery and background. Then scan your stage, whether it’s your bedroom, backyard or a brick-built model – in just three seconds, your location is scanned and production countdown starts. 

Share your creation – Selecting the best 5, 10 or 20 seconds of the performance, you can now upload and share your masterpiece with other young creators to the app feed, once passed moderation. Any content featuring personally-identifiable information, such as children starring in the video, will not be approved for app feed upload, but can be stored locally in-app, to be enjoyed in-person with friends or family members. 

Push your music video making skills – Take part in challenges that task you with using specific effects or making creations inspired by seasonal moments and cultural happenings! Challenges help push your creative skills and unlock special customisation elements – like new costumes. See productions from other creators and discover new music with the VIDIYO app social feed.

Fans can live the VIDIYO lifestyle through a capsule collection of apparel inspired by L.L.A.M.A and produced by Bravado, UMG’s industry-leading merchandise company. Available at from February 19th.

5 comments on “LEGO VIDIYO sets are officially revealed [News]

  1. CDSlice

    Looks like this could be the end for bag feeling if later collectible minifugre lines keep the tiny box format.

  2. Jimmy

    I was kinda meh, but actually these look really fun and joyful. I hope they work out OK for Lego and I hope the app is fun to use. Personally I have never been attracted to nor used any of Lego’s app-based stuff. When I sit down to play with bricks I am intentionally trying to get away from my screen. But I’m not the target audience.

    I also LOL at how all of the 2-part figure names could really be in any combinations.
    Alien Break-dancer!
    Robot Llama!
    Pirate Drummer!
    Werewolf Punk!

  3. Håkan

    Hmm, a lot of those fig parts could be useful for figbarfing space, sci-fi and cyberpunk figs, and the BeatBits would be useful for LP covers or posters.

    I’m unsure of the box parts, though, possibly they could be used for air vents/ locks or windows or something, depending on how they are constructed. I’d wait for a review…

  4. Thomas Garrison

    Packaging looks like the return of LEGO EXPLORE. You’d think they’d have learned something from the sales of that line. . .

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