The next phase in chicken walker evolution

When hearing the term “chicken walker”, one tends to think of the famous AT-ST walkers from Star Wars. Those vehicles set the trend for walkers with avian-style legs, where the ankle joint is pronounced like a backward knee. Tim Goddard, co-author of LEGO Space: Building the Future, built a Space Police mech wholly inspired by avian anatomy. Not only the legs are inspired by “chicken walkers,” but the body and head resemble a bird as well. It’s always a welcome sightseeing a new addition to Tim’s already extensive Space Police fleet. This time, he used the new Space Policeman in the most recent LEGO Collectible Minifigures not only as parts but as an excuse to always keep on building Space Police!

Avian style space police walker

And by looking at the details on this build, his creations never disappoint. The highlight of this build is how Tim cleverly assembled the satellite dish using handlebars to create a circular shape. But the rear thrusters made up of Technic piston engine parts has got to be my favourite detail. The grey looks out of place from the blue and black color scheme, almost tacked on as an afterthought. It’s like someone decided to plonk on rockets to this mech so it can receive a boost to help with pursuits over uneven terrain.

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