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Mind bending cubic LEGO construction

The cube is one of the most common shapes and one that is particularly well suited to LEGO models. But this clever construction by Didier Burtin takes cubic LEGO construction to a whole new level. The structure of 5 plates matching the width of 2 studs is the most basic form of LEGO math at the core of this model, but the use of sideways facing stud bricks, jumper plates, and brackets, as well as plates and tiles in alternate shades of gray, add up to way more than the sum of its parts.


LEGO Cube revealed, the first ever open-world, sandbox LEGO game for mobile [News]

Today LEGO has announced LEGO Cube, the first fruits of their partnership with developer Tencent Games, part of the massive Chinese tech conglomerate Tencent. The new video game is an open-world, sandbox game and is designed for mobile platforms. LEGO expects the game to be publicly available before the end of the year, though they’re not yet ready to announce specifics yet, such as whether it will work on both Android and iOS, and how much players can expect to pay, including whether or not it will feature micro-transactions.

The initial launch appears to be focused on the Chinese market, but LEGO is calling the Chinese release a “preview” indicating that there may be plans for a wider release down the road. The game joins several other new properties developed in partnership with Tencent, including The LEGO Video Zone, an online safe harbor for children’s digital entertainment and featured on Tencent Video.

It remains to be seen exactly how this game will differ from LEGO’s current open-world, sandbox game, LEGO Worlds, or whether Cube is simply a mobile port of that existing game. Watch the Chinese trailer here, and you can read the full press release below.

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D.I.Y. Sunday

If your creative well has run dry, TBB is here to help with a couple of projects to fill the hours before the factory whistle blows on Monday…or Tuesday if you live here in the States.

First up is the deceptively challenging How to build a K.E.W.B. by Jacob Unterreiner (4estFeller). The video is easy to follow, doesn’t require a Zhangian collection to build and it even has cool music that will make you feel like you’re in a hip clothing store. The only drawback is that Jacob doesn’t show you how to make his elegant stand to display your K.E.W.B., but we’ll let it slide.


For the advanced builder with LDD experience and a penchant for Sci-Fi, Chief Executive Overlord, Tanuki Corp. and wezra have you covered with a free instructional download of Red Spacecat’s USS Saratoga. I can assure you, constant reader, that the instructions are far easier to follow than my description.

Red Spacecat's USS Saratoga LDD

USS Saratoga + Concept Art

To those of you who take the plunge, good luck! I have no doubt that the builders featured here would be happy to answer questions from you via Flickr if you get stuck. If you have your own D.I.Y. project to share with the readers, leave them in the comments.