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A LEGO memento mori

The imagery of nature reclaiming things is one that pervades all forms of art. Andreas Lenander has used his talents as a LEGO builder (and, indeed, as an artist) to bring us this latest take on the subject. This is an instance where repeated use of a single part really adds to a build. In this instance, the many olive green leaf parts give the effect of hundreds of little plants growing everywhere, while the vines made from whips drive home the overgrown aspect of the build.

Nature will prevail...

A LEGO headdress from a forgotten time

No stranger to excellent LEGO bricksmanship, Andreas Lenander travels back to southern Mexico in the 1500s for his latest build. For the Aztecs of that time, feathers were of great importance and were frequently used to make intricate headwear such as this. Birds were seen as beasts of great power, were central in the story of the founding of Tenochtitlan, and were a part of their belief in rebirth after death. It’s no wonder that Lenander goes to great lengths to use a variety of feather parts in this headdress. The shaping is astounding, and pairs perfectly with the golden filigree and tri-leaf pieces used throughout.

Aztec skull

Glow-in-the-dark spookiness intensifies with this LEGO skull mosaic

The Brothers Brick contributor Chris Doyle returns yet again with more Mosaic Madness.

Just in time for Halloween, I’ve adapted artist Christopher Cooper‘s Voodoo Glow Skull image into LEGO form. And, yes, it glows in the dark. Keep reading to see it in action, and learn a bit about the build.

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Prehistoric palaeontology pieced perfectly with plastic

I have no idea how accurate these are but Damian Thomas pulled a great feat of replicating the shape and structure of a few prehistoric monster skulls using LEGO Technic parts in white. What we have are the skulls of a Dilophosaurus, a Triceratops and a Tyrannosaurus Rex in the respective order below. They’re all so good I can’t decide which is my favourite. If you’re lovin’ all things prehistoric and composed of calcium goodness, the closest official set of an arrangement of bones from LEGO  is the recent 21320 Dinosaur Fossils Ideas set.

Dilophosaurus Skull [1:1]


Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull MOC