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These monochrome robots are monumental

When I think about unique LEGO creations, I usually picture them in vibrant colors, considering just how many colors LEGO elements come in these days. But like fine art and photography, sometimes using a more limited palette, or choosing to go black and white can introduce interesting design constraints. Builder Mitsuru Nikaido is known for creating stunning mechanical models of animals from around the world, both past and present. but with this recent series, they are taking their LEGO creations into the future.


These two robot companions are full of interesting details like the two different sizes of ski sleds used for the feet, and the revolver used for the digits of the tall skinny fellow. But I think my favorite detail is the top half of the light gray turntable used for the shoulders, hips, and knees. There is another great robot in the series, which looks like it could be the next model from Boston Dynamics, but is surprisingly less creepy.


A cute and/or lovable droid

Whatever you think of Star Wars content of late, you have to admit they’ve been crushing it in the ‘lovable droids’ department. SPARKART! has given us a digital creation featuring the latest addition to this roster: B2EMO, from the on-going Andor show. Cassian clearly has a thing for sassy robot companions, although B2 here is a little politer than K-2SO was in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. This model is apparently capable of “squishing” to replicate B2’s hunker-down-and-hide mode, which is a cool detail. Overall it’s also a good imitation of the droid’s run-down, patchy appearance. I’m sure this won’t be the last time we see this lovable robot in LEGO form!

"That's two lies."

Hey, don’t shoot the messenger, really... just don’t

Bionicle and Hero Factory parts may seem to have limited uses to some, but they have great potential. For example, R 194 uses one for the main torso part on this mysterious and potentially deadly messenger who looks like they don’t take kindly to returns. The long fins on the arms look like they might transform into wings and fly your immortal soul to places unknown, while the slender legs and relaxed arms lend the figure with unexpected grace.


Terraforming has never been so terrifying... Trust me

Pascal has created a vision of a truly terrifying dystopia. This may look like some neo-classic space robots helpfully planning the terraforming of a new, distant world, but look closer! This is a world devoid of mere mortals like minifigures. In this darkest of timelines, our new robot overlords spend their days playing God with the very Earth that sustains us. Rivers bend to their will. They literally move mountains. And we must acquiesce, as tiny figurines moved around on a Warhammer board, powerless to stop them. If only someone had a brick separator… Then we may be free of this torment that the machines call a game…

Terraforming Planning

First name: Krog, last name: Torturer, middle names: Zaak, the

This friendly-looking chap built by Ivan Martynov is called Krog Zaak the Torturer. With a name like that, there was little chance he’d end up in a nice, safe line of work. Even if the Torturer is just a title, I don’t think you’d want him running the Krog Zaak Daycare or being an accountant. He looks the part as well, very T-800-esque – that is, he could crush you underfoot with those clever springy legs. The head in particular looks very menacing with the yellow popping nicely against the grey machinery. I wonder if he gives good hugs.

Krog Zaak the Torturer

This robot looks as though it’s straight out of a mecha anime

Now that’s one eye-catching machine! Ryuhei Kawai has created this striking mech, primarily presented in yellow with hints of dark blue. The model has nice chunky proportions with a cockpit for a minifigure located at the head. The mech’s serious expression is formed of piercing purple irises combined with thick eyebrows. At the center of the torso, an old vehicle grill piece is used, with a wheel rim behind it representing a rotatory fan. For some extra speed, wheels are attached to the feet with superb mechanical details. It’s a wonderful build that is reminiscent of classic anime robot designs.

Speaker loudly and carry a multi-pronged stick

Today we double-dip into the LEGO world of Ralf Langer with his build Open Air 2053, providing a look into the future of concert music. The towering stack of speakers in the background is impressive, utilizing the largest tires around to churn out some thumping beats. I like the subtle changes in color and style between the different units, highlighting that this is a collected array of equipment, not a part of a set. The well-scaled drum kit appears more uniform, as of course it should. And the use of tank treads for the drum hoops is excellent! Finer details like cords and controls, both on the speakers and the keyboard array, put in a lot of work here. Through these details, we see that instruments and equipment haven’t changed much in 31 years. However, the musician has gone through a complete makeover! Given Maestro9000’s innate multi-instrument ability, this one was no doubt programmed by Dave Grohl himself.

Open Air 2053

Why have a Jack-in-the-box when you could have a Mech-in-the-box?

From the talented mind of Moko, comes this incredible mech build. The robot has the ability to transform into an innocent looking cube presented in an eye-catching lime colour scheme. The head is created through use of a silver bow tie placed on top of a tooth piece which acts as an elongated chin. With a minfigure in the pilot seat, the mech is ready to arm its self with a rifle, equipped with an electrified bayonet at the end.

CUBE-ROBO 12[Powered suit01]

In the cube mode, you can see the front “M” tile which was used in a Jungle Racer set from 2003. On the side there is also a code tile, featured in the Exo- Force sets.

CUBE-ROBO 12[Powered suit01]

To see how the magic happens, check out this video of the transformation, featuring more awesome mech poses.

Not just any Mega Man knockoff...

Folks, we here at TBB have got to admit that LEGO builder Sandro Quattrini is a character-creating machine. He churns out constructed personas so fast that it’s hard to keep up! The latest one is this spaceman-looking chum with a blaster for an arm (no relation to a certain Capcom hero). The contrasts at work here are wonderful. Smooth, sleek white casing with the occasional exposure of rough, mechanical interior channels both Eve and Wall-E at the same time. And the posable hinges developed here are absolute magic! Amid all that, my favorite part has got to be Robo-Kid’s robo-kicks. I mean, it’s not every day you see such splendid use of the minifig Scout Trooper helmet!

Robo-Kid Alt Shot

I’m sensing a theme here. Like...eight of them.

Mechs are a common focus for builders, but Djokson takes things a step further with CORE.seeker. Loaded with unusual parts from all over the LEGO universe, this one really satisfies. There are yellow box straps from Vidiyo, a black DOTS bracelet, a wheel from the Chima theme, a teal ball from the classic Technic 8269 Cyber Stinger set, and chest armor from a BigFig Tie Fighter pilot. Plus great sticker usage and some great macaroni fingers. There’s nice part usage…and then there’s CORE.seeker, my candidate for RNPU (Really nice part usage.)


Does this inspire you to create your own unusually-outfitted mech? Need more ideas? Check our archives for more fantastic builds.

A dastardly duo of freaky-deaky bots

In a LEGO world of massive castles and spaceships sometimes it’s refreshing to see little things that are well built. Take this duo of odd little bots created by the enigmatic R 194, for example. First, we see the very expressive Spear Soldier.

Spear soldier

Next, we have my personal favorite, the Highway Disturber. It’s like a mythical creature with its unicorn horn.

Highway disturber

What is the purpose of these two? Why does the spear soldier look so sad? How does Highway Disturber disturb the highway, exactly? The builder offers no explanation so these little bots propose more questions than answers. Pretty cray-cray, right? Sometimes ya just gotta stop asking questions and go with it.

Giddy-up, there’s a new robot sheriff in town

Love ’em or hate ’em, the robot dog from Boston Dynamics is instantly recognizable at any LEGO scale. And this model by dicken liu may be one of the most accurate models yet, from the distinct yellow body to the diminutive little black feet. I can almost see its little side-stepping dance. But whatever you do, don’t even think about giving him a gun… we’ve all seen that Black Mirror episode, it will not end well.