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Bee careful these viper drones don’t steal your plans

A LEGO builder who goes by the name of Rubblemaker has built a Queen Bee Royal Viper Drone. Let me break that down for you. Queen. Bee. Royal. Viper. Drone. What part of that don’t you understand? Clearly, she’s out to do some badass queen bee stuff like infiltrating the hives of other bees and stealing their plans for honey, pollination, and other bee-related stuff. But no need to explain it any further. You had me at Queen Bee! Check out why we think Rubblemaker is the bee’s knees.

Queen Bee Royal Viper Drone

Harvesting honey on Epsilon IV

What is the most valuable resource in the deep space? Fuel? Galaxy credits? How about honey? According to this cute vignette by Andreas Lenander, you won’t be able to harvest honey so far from Earth without a cube element from LEGO VIDIYO sets. Indeed, the piece looks awesome inside this hangar with its semi-transparent effect. I know the clutch power of LEGO bricks is great, but I’d better seal the edges with some spare stickers… just in case.

Harvesting honey on Epsilon IV