Tiny Robin Airline

Messing with scale can be extremely satisfying with LEGO. Build Jannis Mavrostomos works some magic once again with this brick-built robin fitted for passengers. The theme of Rescue Rangers and scenes of The Rescuers blend with Thumbelina and The Borrowers for this whimsical build. Climb the precarious stairs and saddle up for a closer look at the clever little details.

Wonderfully sculpted and brilliantly colorful, the robin seems expressive and somewhat terrifying. If I were one of those Minifigures, I’d probably understand Hopper’s fear of birds. At this scale, it looks just like the bird from A Bug’s Life with those beady, black eyes. The pilot uses some lasso reigns and a horse saddle piece to give him a sturdy seat for the flight. Behind him, an empty platform is waiting to be loaded with luggage.

Packed for a long journey, I don’t know how that man plans to get all of those bags and trunks up those rickety stairs. Let alone on top of the bird. Hopefully, the pilot will be kind enough to help or at least dock the platform with the top of the rock.

The imagination of builders always grants us some surprises and delights. Concepts like this marry a slew of influences into one, self-explanatory scene. Builder Jannis Mavrostomos has a history of well-framed scenes which continue into the new year.