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This Niffler is cute as a button, a golden button that is

We’ve featured quite a few LEGO Fantastic Beast creations over at TBB and this Niffler by Jannis Mavrostomos really does deserve a feature. The greedy claws of this little critter were used by LEGO on their Dimensions Niffler, so it is nice to see these parts getting repurposed on a better brick build Niffler. The platypus like beak is achieved by merging a snowboard and a plate with tooth which sounds simple, yet it is really effective. What sells this creation to me is the beady eyes. It is cute as a button.

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This Gringotts has a Niffler problem

I love, love, love the big LEGO 75978 Diagon Alley. It got me through the first part of the pandemic. I do however have to admit that there is a big void in this set created by the missing Gringotts bank. The predecessor 10217 Diagon Alley did come with a Gringotts bank, but this one is of a much smaller scale compared to the buildings of the newer set. Stefan Johansson solved this problem for us. They created a larger-than-life Gringotts bank complete with a white marble facade, imposing columns, bronze doors, a track with little carts, underground vaults, and of course a dragon to protect all that gold. This build is ginormous. For the white facade, Stefan used a lot of white plates, instead of bricks, to create different patterns in the wall. You can hardly notice this from afar but this build is worthy of a quick zoom. There are a few parts that deserve a quick mention. The use of the hemisphere is quite clever. I’ll have to dig through my collection to see if I own it in that colour. Using the party hat in gold as a lightning rod is a very nice little touch that I might have to reuse at some point. This creation is filled with details and action features like the tracks. The carts actually work and the Goblins are just waiting to take you to your personal vault. Overall I love this build but I wouldn’t deposit my money there. It looks like they have a serious Niffler problem!

What’s tiny and cute and stomps around on 3 legs?

What’s tiny and cute and stomps around on 3 legs? The Niffler, of course! Provided he’s piloting this unusual LEGO mech by Andreas Lenander, that is. The adorable little creature from the Wizarding World is surely up to something cute, and when was the last time you saw a 3-legged mech with claw hands? The bit of bright foliage in the background is also the perfect accompaniment to this build. It’s amazing how just adding a touch of scenery like that can give a whole new dimension to a quick build like this mech.

MECHtober - Niffler I

Niffler hits the jackpot

We’ve hunted out our own treasure in the form of DOGOD Brick Design’s charming niffler build. Superbly modelled, with a selection of curved elements used to represent its furry belly and a snout shaped from modified hinge plates, it captures the mischievous spirit of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them creature. The fun doesn’t stop there, with Newt Scamander’s case doubling as display stand.  An upturned ring box with its ice skate element clasp adds further detail to the scene.


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